From: Preston
To: Lyle Hillyard, Peter Knudson, Stuart Adams, Ralph Okerlund, Gene Davis, Karen Mayne, Pat Jones, Luz Robles, Howard Stephenson, curt, Allen Christensen, John Valentine, Margaret Dayton, Kevin Van Tassell, Scott Jenkins, Jim Dabakis, Jerry Stevenson, Steve Urquhart, Mark Madsen, Daniel Thatcher, Deidre Henderson, Wayne Harper, Todd Weiler, Stuart Reid, Evan Vickers, Brian Shiozawa, David Hinkins, Wayne Niederhauser,
Subject: Sandy City
Date: Sun Apr 20 15:52:51 MDT 2014
Dear Senators,
This is Preston Jensen.  I had the chance to work with you this past legislative session.  I was one of the survivors who helped with HB 286 child sex abuse prevention/education.  Once again I want to thank you for all your help and support on it.  I'm reaching out to you today to invite you to a speaking engagement tomorrow evening at 7pm at Sandy City Hall.  As you recall Deondra Brown of the 5 Browns and the current Miss Utah also participated in the bill.  We have put this together and are going to share our stories.  Also the detective over my case and my mom are going to speak.  The detective is going to talk about statistics regarding abuse as well as signs to look for.  My mom is going to talk about a parents perspective.  We'd love to have you there if your schedules allow.  I've attached a flyer with the details so feel free to pass it along.  Hope everyone is well.  Thanks again!!


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