From: HR Communication
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Is your organization's mission a secret?
Date: Tue Apr 15 17:24:56 MDT 2014

Employees want leadership.

Managers want direction.

Executives want results.

The way to make everyone more satisfied with what they do: Write a company mission, vision and values that people read, respect and follow.

In your organization, chances are nobody knows even one of these.

Or they don't take any of the three seriously.

You can change that with this webinar.

Join Dr. Eyal Ronen in his practical step-by-step presentation how to create a mission, vision, and values that matter to workers and inspire them to act.

You'll learn:

  • The difference between organizational mission, vision and values—put powerful, real meanings behind these buzz words!
  • 4 tasks every leader must do to fulfill the organization's mission
  • 10 questions you must ask when you write your mission, vision and values
  • How to use "V.O.I.C.E." to define your core operating principles
  • How to use mission and vision to direct your team
  • To create long-lasting values that foster action and engagement—no more "initiatives" that last 30 seconds
  • How to approach leadership with a fresh perspective (Hint: You'll use those 4 essential leadership tasks on your own leaders!)

Register for this webinar and learn how to create a mission, vision and values that motivate managers, drive employees and get results!

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