From: Robert Borosage, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Shut John Boehner Down!
Date: Thu Apr 10 14:18:47 MDT 2014


Shut Boehner Down

Against overwhelming odds and determined obstruction, the Senate passed the unemployment extension. Let’s force Speaker Boehner to allow a House vote.

More than two million families have suffered hardship and even hunger because the GOP is too frightened of the tea-party fringe to do the right thing.


AL is waiting for John Boehner to take action.

Last year, John Boehner and the Republicans shut down the government. Now we're going to shut him down.Call his office and tell him to get out of the way of the way and allow a vote on unemployment insurance.

Let's flood his switchboard with calls. Let him know that we are watching, we care and he will answer for his callous and careless inaction.

Call Speaker Boehner 661 263-4637

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