From: Government Technology
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: What's your strategy for transitioning to a converged network?
Date: Thu Apr 10 13:02:23 MDT 2014

Nearly all government agencies are facing pressure to deliver new capabilities and improve service delivery. Some may not know that IP-based services help governments accomplish these goals. Convergence of voice and data services to an IP network offers significant benefits to government agencies: increased collaboration, improved efficiency and greater versatility. We want to learn more about your migration path to an IP network to gain a holistic view of government’s overall transition strategy.

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And we need your help. Government Technology, working with AT&T, invites you to take this survey to share your challenges, drivers and preferences in your own quest for network convergence. The data from the survey will help form best practices and effective strategies that will help your peers.

Thank you for your valued time and participation!  

Alan Cox
Publisher, Government Technology
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