From: Patriot Newsletter
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Sheriff Arpaio's Obama Probe Widens, Investigation Now Criminal
Date: Thu Apr 10 11:03:14 MDT 2014

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will soon reveal details of the second Obama investigation that has been underway for some months now. Lead investigator of the 'cold case' LCOB investigation Mike Zullo says the details of the new criminal investigation are not just earth shattering, they are 'universe' shattering. Zullo also says the second investigation has been staffed by regular detectives, not volunteers. He also reports in a just released interview, that other agencies are now involved.

Zullo's latest interview posted here....

Will Criminal Investigation Quicken Obama's Hidden Agenda?

It will also be of interest to most that several prophets have received very sobering warnings about Obama's plans for America's. The prophecies of Pastor TD Hale, who correctly saw Obama's second election win before it happened, and the prophecies of Linda Newkirk, who was shown the 911 disaster before it happened, can be read at  Both of these prophets have been shown that very terrible things are about to happen in America real soon. Please take the time to review all the posts at the website. The information has been carefully selected and will be invaluable in the days ahead.