From: Don Guymon
To: Don Guymon,
Subject: GrassRoots Releases Annual Report
Date: Mon Apr 07 02:51:57 MDT 2014

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Ryan Wilcox and Margaret Dayton Top 2014 GrassRoots Report


            Ryan Wilcox (R-Weber) and Margaret Dayton (R-Utah) received top scores in the House and Senate, respectively on this year’s GrassRoots report.


            Governor Gary Herbert received a 27% compared to his lifetime average of 53%. 


            House members averaged a 40% compared to a lifetime average of 51%, while the Senate averaged a 36% compared to members’ lifetime average of 54%.  Both bodies’ scores dropped from 2013 results.


            The report can be found at


            “We appreciate those legislators who consistently vote for good government,” said Don Guymon, GrassRoots chairman. “On some bills there was one no vote.  Voting for proper government isn’t always popular, and those who are willing to stand alone, deserve our thanks. We are concerned that a number of bills, while good intentioned, increased the size and scope of government.”


            Rounding out the top seven in the House were Dan McCay (R-SL), ), Jacob Anderegg (R-UT), Ken Ivory (R-SL), John Knotwell (R-SL), Marc Roberts (R-UTand Brian Greene (R-UT)  Joining Dayton in the top three in the Senate were Mark Madsen (R-UT) and Scott Jenkins (R-Weber).


            “We are concerned in the number of bills which are introduced and passed each year.  This year more bills were introduced than ever before with 62% of them passing,” said Guymon.  “A third of these bills were passed on the last day.  Liberty is not served well when legislators do not give bills adequate consideration.  It is an alarming trend, one we hope will stop in the 2015 session.”


            Herbert’s score of 27% was the same score he received in 2013.


            “We believe the governor needs to use his veto power more than he presently does,” said Guymon.  “He is the final check on the legislature.”


            GrassRoots has been issuing an annual legislative report card since 1992.  The Constitutions of the nation and state are the guides which GrassRoots uses in picking issues for its legislative report card.  Bills are picked without regard to any particular individual.  GrassRoots is an all-volunteer organization whose sole interest is promoting the principles of proper government.


            To contact GrassRoots call Don Guymon at 801-574-9461 or email

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