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Subject: What do you County Commissioners do?
Date: Fri Apr 04 23:09:40 MDT 2014

What does a County Commissioner do?   


a part-time job that you work at 60 hours a week  


Who is a County Commissioner and What do They Do?
As far as the position of the County Commissioner is concerned the responsibilities are fairly broad and can involve issues that affect the county from outside the borders. A County Commissioner is a unique position in terms of elected offices within the United States in that their position holds both legislative and executive powers. This doesn't mean they have authority over other elected officers, but it does give the office important powers for getting things done within the county.

We do our best to answer this question, as Chad Booth sits down with Stan Summers, Box Elder County Commissioner; Kent Peatross, Duchesne County Commissioner; Bret Millburn, Davis County Commissioner to find out more about the role that Commissioners play in our daily lives.
Ria Rossi Booth takes us on a walk with the Utah County Commission to find out what the, Try a Trail with a Commissioner program is all about.
You can find out dates of the next Try a Trail Event Here:

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Wild Horses on Public Lands  

The impact on Ranching and Communities  

We took the show to Beaver County this week to get an on the ground look at how wild horses impact the range. In Utah the population of wild horses is over the Appropriate Management Level (AML) by 1,300 animals. Nationally the problem of dealing with the number of wild horses increases to 14,000 beyond the AML. The management of wild horses costs the BLM tens of millions of dollars every year but despite the efforts to gather wild horses off the range; the numbers keep increasing.

Chad Booth talks to Beaver County Commissioner, Mark Whitney; Iron County Commissioner, David Miller; and local rancher Mark Winch about the impacts on ranchers and the ultimate impact it has on the economies of rural Utah.

Tune in Sunday Morning at 8:30am on ABC4UTAH. 




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