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Subject: More Dubious Pre-K Science
Date: Wed Apr 02 16:34:43 MDT 2014

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► April 2, 2014
Brown Center on Education Policy
More Dubious Pre-K Science
Obama visits preschool

Supporters of universal pre-k put forward Georgia's state pre-k program as a model for the nation. In this post, Russ Whitehurst analyzes three studies of that program's impact and concludes that there is no credible evidence of a positive effect on academic outcomes.
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Tom Loveless' 2012 study on the impact of state standards is cited in a Wall Street Journal column about the controversy surrounding the Common Core. Additionally, Loveless is featured in a Fox News segment on the same topic.

Loveless is also cited in a National Review Online piece about teachers' professional development. 

Russ Whitehurst continues to be quoted and cited in media coverage of universal pre-k programs, including recent pieces by Boston's NPR News Station, Dallas Morning News, and Red Bluff Daily News


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