From: Gloria Totten
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Webinar today: How to answer right-wing themes & memes
Date: Wed Apr 02 13:53:19 MDT 2014

Dear Scott,

The right wing spends millions on messaging. They’re constantly skewing language to make their points with phrases like death panels, job killer and nanny state. But there’s also a constant underlying philosophy: small government, low taxes, free markets and traditional families.
Today’s webinar is about how to answer their outrageous arguments with progressive values and ideas. We have a new edition of Voicing Our Values: A message guide for candidates and lawmakers coming out in four weeks and this webinar introduces some of its fundamentals.
What:   Progressive Values and Message Framing 101
When:   Wednesday, April 2 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
Today’s discussion will touch on persuasion tactics from classic marketers like Dale Carnegie to modern academics like George Lakoff and Drew Westen. Based on polling we know our progressive values can defeat the conservative talking points.

Hope you'll join us!

Gloria Totten

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