From: Jack Gerard, API
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Finding Energy and Jobs in the Atlantic
Date: Wed Feb 19 15:51:17 MST 2014
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    February 19, 2014  

A Bright Spot in the Economy

Polls show the American people still identify strengthening the economy and creating jobs as the nation’s top priorities. Go here to see the oil and natural gas industry’s job creation record.

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    Finding Energy and Jobs in the Atlantic      

Dear David,

Surging oil and natural gas production onshore has sparked an energy and manufacturing revolution in America. But offshore, 87 percent of federal waters remain closed to energy exploration. A recent report projects big economic gains if we remove self-imposed obstacles and open the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to responsible energy development.

Between 2017 and 2035, oil and natural gas development in the Atlantic OCS could:

  • Create nearly 280,000 new jobs along the East Coast and across the country
  • Generate an additional $195 billion in private investment on oil and natural gas activity
  • Contribute up to $23.5 billion per year to the U.S. economy
  • Add 1.3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day to domestic energy production
  • Raise $51 billion in new revenue for the government

Seismic surveys, an advanced exploration technique used to locate potential oil and natural gas reserves below the ocean floor of the Atlantic OCS, are an essential first step. Here’s how they work:

VIDEO: Offshore Seismic Surveying 

  • Compressed air is released into the water to create sound waves that penetrate deep into the subsurface rock at the bottom of the ocean and reflect back to the surface.
  • Sensors near the surface record the reflected sound waves, allowing scientists to produce detailed 3-dimensional maps that give engineers the information they need to identify the safest and most efficient drilling locations.
  • Surveyors follow strict guidelines to protect our marine ecosystem. Sound levels are increased gradually to allow sensitive animals to leave the area, and operations are immediately halted if visual observers or acoustic monitoring devices detect sensitive marine life in the vicinity at any time.

By allowing seismic surveys in the Atlantic and including the area in its upcoming five-year offshore leasing plan, the Obama administration can open the door to significant economic growth for Atlantic coastal states.


Jack Gerard
President and CEO

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