From: Brian King
Subject: HB 97
Date: Wed Feb 19 04:40:14 MST 2014
Dear colleagues--

I know y'all have gotten a lot of info on this bill but I ran across this and thought you each would find it interesting. Please click on this attachment. There are 16 pictures of mixed breed dogs. They were DNA tested and only three have ANY pit bull in them at all. Can you guess which three? 

Tough huh? Give it your best shot and then scroll down to see if you are right.

The only dogs with any pit bull in them are #s 7, 9, and 11. Now ask yourself how easy it would be for city or town to enforce a breed specific ordinance without DNA testing. 

Thanks again for your hard work and consideration of this bill. It's a privilege to work with each of you! 


Brian S. King
Representative, House District 28
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