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FEBRUARY 5, 2014

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CAN AMERICA STILL BUILD BIG?No, at least, that’s what Governing columnist and infrastructure expert Alex Marshall fears.But here’s what’s troubling me now, Marshall writes, I don’t see many aspirational infrastructure movements today…that translate into any kind of national vision. Read Alex’s thought-provoking column here. 

IS HIGH-SPEED RAIL FOR REAL? Speaking of building big, the California High-Speed Rail Authority released its revised business plan for 2014. The business plan tries to square the project’s lack of identified funding with a recent court ruling that put a stop to work on the system until the agency does a better job at sourcing the billions it needs. But the Fresno Bee’s Tim Sheehan writes that the latest plan still “offers little in the way of specifics in how the rail authority will raise money.”[more]

Related: The Texas Central Railway has proposed building the first leg of a high-speed train system, from Houston to Dallas, by 2021, using an estimated $10 billion in private funding.[more]

GOOD NEWS FOR ENERGY – GIANT SOLAR PLANT COMES ONLINE:The Ivanpah solar thermal power plant in California's Mojave Desert is the world's largest solar thermal electric plant and has begun operating its three generating units, which will soon deliver enough clean energy to power more than 140,000 homes in California.[more]

BAD NEWS FOR ENERGY – ELECTRIC GRID UNDER ATTACK:It turns out a 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley's power supply that was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric was actually executed by well-trained individuals seeking to do significant damage to the area. Some fear it was a test run for an even larger assault.[more]

Related (more or less):Bio-Energy Box Coverts Beer Waste to Electricity viaIEEE Spectrum. 

LEDs AND IT TEAM UP FOR BETTER BUILDINGS:The next building system to transform to an IT structure is low voltage LED systems; it’s been in the making for a few years and led by some of the innovative companies and early adopters. This is a well-researched article that gets into the nuts and bolts gaining mastery over lighting and energy.[more]

EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD INFOGRAPHIC:And the smart people at IDC have obliged our collective obsession with illustrated data by creating this infographic that shows how the Internet of Things will change the way we work and live. [more]

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