From: susan baxter
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent,
Subject: HB 96
Date: Sat Feb 08 05:59:02 MST 2014
 As a citizen of this great State and Country, I would respectfully request that you take a stand and vote against the Bill HB 96, as sponsored by Rep. Greg Hughes.
I have always believed that it is a family's role to prepare their children for school, taking into account their emotional as well as academic readiness.  These early years set the tone for the years that lay ahead.  A parent is aware of the needs of their child, these years should be filled with the learning through play, gently adding more structure to their lives, teaching them to find Joy.
I joined a co-operative of 3 other mothers and we each took a week each to teach our small group social skills, life skills, imagination - academics were not the emphasis.  Our children were given a safe environment where they developed a sense of self.  Self esteem, Self respect, respect of others.
No fear of being judged, bullied, picked on.
I felt that this  was a wonderful gift to start their journey.
I do believe that many pre-school programs are "free babysitting".  Government intervention and compulsion on this issue would once again diminish parents' choices.  Should we not be allowed to raise our children with the values and belief system that we have.  I see us heading in an unhealthy direction - loosing more control - passing our children off to a government sponsored program where our children are taught the morality of the day.  They need a foundation of love, support and acceptance, an environment where you are allowed to share with them values you hold.
Common Core P20W database would be another system which could be used for devious purposes.  These Bills are always wrapped up to smell good - but the bottom line is government intrusion again into the home and family.
Government does not have a good track record of what they have taken over - please do not give them the right to intervene in family matters and mandate more, taking decisions away from parents.
Susan L. Baxter
1854 W. Stonebridge Drive
Saint George, UT  84770