From: Merlin Weekes
Subject: HB81
Date: Fri Feb 07 21:51:30 MST 2014
After reviewing the intent of HB81, I strongly encourage you to protect parental rights to review the content of tests given to their children by Common Core.  After all, according to our Constitution parents have both the right and responsibility for seeing that their children are taught correctly. 

I have discovered that nearly 597 questions were raised by 15 parents about issues that they found objectionable.  To date, according to everything I have found, very few have been addressed.  These are issue that must be resolved and HB81 will greatly help, not only in this issue, but other issues also that can and most likely will.

Please do the right thing and do everything you can to see to it that HB81 passes this year.


Merlin Weekes