From: Molly Foster
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: HB81
Date: Fri Feb 07 03:20:24 MST 2014
Dear Legislator,

I am part of the 15 parent committee that took the SAGE test this fall.  It should be EVERY parents right to participate in the review process.  The bill protects test integrity via nondisclosure.  The nondisclosure agreement should be changed to allow discussion of test questions.  It is impossible to harm the integrity of a 10,000 question (more coming each year) test.  After this first year we will be teaching to the test so no discussion on non disclosure absurd. As teachers and parents we will be watching our children test and yes we will discuss it.  There were 597 questions flagged in 5 days, only 156 changed and 43 dropped.  The most upsetting part:  as part of the 15 parent committee they won't allow us to see what they changed.  Some questions and passages contained in the test were very upsetting to think about what our children will be taught.  I have the right to see and say what my children are taught. Please pass HB 81 out of committee. 

Thank You,

Molly Foster