From: Debbie Gulledge
To: Debbie Gulledge,
Subject: HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 20:58:59 MST 2014

Committee Members:


I realize that this bill was discussed this morning, but I wanted to put in my opinion as a voting member of my community and the state of Utah.  As a preschool teacher it would seem that I would be all for pushing a bill that sets up preschool for all children.  However, I am not.  As a teacher, my priority is to educate.  I do not limit my educating to my students; I try to be very diligent about educating myself also.  One of the things I have learned through education and experience is that a child’s developing brain is an impressionable thing.  It needs time to gather information and it needs support to understand the information.  Too often, a child is put into a learning environment that doesn’t allow for either the time or the support required.  There are lots of reasons for this neglect:  number of students, structure of the classroom, type of students (learning style).  Regardless of the reason, the result is the same – it’s too much, too soon.  Children should be allowed to explore and ask questions and learn on their own time before it’s mandated by law that their time is up and they are on someone else’s time schedule. 


There are some children who are ready to go the next step into a more formal learning environment, and for them there are preschools available, as a CHOICE.   Please don’t be so hasty to eliminate the freedom to choose in areas like this.  It’s not a law makers right to take away precious learning time between a child and a parent.  Education is not an institution that was ever supposed be on the market floor.  It’s not for sale and yet many in government positions have put it out there as a commodity rather than a right that helps every person step ahead in their pursuit of happiness.


I believe so strongly in education.  I believe that intelligence is very important.  But I believe that the gaining of knowledge needs to be done in a way that is not forced, especially by a politician, and especially not at preschool age. 




Debbie Gulledge

Concerned citizen

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