From: Zachary Stucki
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, Val Peterson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton,
Subject: H.B. 0096
Date: Thu Feb 06 16:33:23 MST 2014
I found out that you were the members of the committee that would be deciding on H.B. 0096. I want to unequivocally state that in no uncertain terms should you NOT support this bill that begins to establish a cradle-to-grave tracking system for Utah's children. The bill doesn't stop there. It proposes implementing all of the pre-k failures of the past- headstart is a perfect example. It has been proven and statistically shown to have little to no effect on children's education. ( ;

The perceived purpose of this is to build competition into the educational system on an international scale. It will not do that. As someone who has lived outside the US and seen what a system like this will do to children and adults I can say that this will fail.
It is also more than what it claims. The real purpose of this bill is to increase government intervention into the life of children and get them accustomed to "Father government" holding their hand, tracking them, taking away their privacy and their freedoms. 
This bill is ridiculous and cannot be approved! Get rid of common core!
Zachary Stucki