From: Shirley Larsen
Subject: HB0096
Date: Thu Feb 06 14:25:07 MST 2014
I would like to voice my desire that you vote against HB0096.

When "boards" created by government begin working with the private
sector, they pick 'winners' and 'losers' among the many players in
the free market.  I don't believe this is a good idea. 

Also, the CATO institute has put out an article describing the
failure of programs for Pre-K children such as Headstart.

This study says that any advantage a child gets from Pre-K education, it is erased by
1st grade.   If Pre-K is to help poor parents who must work, then let's call this what
it is...daycare or babysitting.  It would cost less and wouldn't require a board to
pull together private sources from the free market.

We need to start looking more seriously at Kindergarten as the beginning of a
child's school based learned.  The child has plenty of time to learn what he needs and
should get the help in Kindergarten and 1st grade instead of pushing it earlier.

I even believe, that we could do away with Kindergarten all together because
the more emotionally, intellectually, and physically ready a child is for formal
schooling, the faster the child picks up the needed information.  But, working
parents would be upset because they lose their babysitter.  So, I won't suggest
you do away with kindergarten.

Thanks for your time.

Shirley Larsen
Kaysville, Utah