From: Dalane England
Subject: HB96 School Readiness
Date: Thu Feb 06 07:32:17 MST 2014
Have you ever done something with the intention of doing good, only to find out that the result was actually detrimental?  
That's what happened when Rep Hughes decided to sponsor  HB96  School Readiness bill.   

Those who got him to sponsor it convinced him it will save us money, when it will actually cost us money.

He thinks he is doing something to help children that are struggling in school, when in reality it will hurt them. Evidence shows that stimulating a young under-de veloped brain too early actually causes trauma to the brain. It has diminishing returns and can cause a child to have a harder time learning, to be violent, or depressed.

The reality is we have some of the best teachers in the world right here in Utah, but our system is failing us. 

Is there anyone who really believes that the answer to help our children through this failing system is to put them into it sooner and longer? 

Does it not make reason stare to consider putting our 3 and 4 year olds in an academic institution and think we will have a positive outcome?  

Do we really believe that spending $15 million taking our little ones out of the home is the best thing we can do for them?

Here is a quote from an article in USA today.

If such efforts were likely to improve our kids' performance, they should show consistent, positive and lasting gains as they move on in school. But those NAEP results provided no evidence that high-quality universal preschool has worked. Instead, early adopter states provide inconsistent and contradictory lessons.


There are many things we can do to help our children have success in their education. 

Supporting HB96 in NOT one of them!

Please vote NO!

Thank you, 

Dalane England

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