From: Sheryl Nelson
Subject: HB 96 Utah School Readiness Iniative
Date: Thu Feb 06 06:20:32 MST 2014
Please oppose this bill. I know this bill sounds good on the surface but it sets up a dangerous precedents that will have unintended consequences. For example, in this age of data collection and sharing through the schools and now preschools of all our pubic taught children and their families, it doesn't take a brain scientist to determine that it will not end well! Like all cancerous government programs, this will eventually grow into something totally unintended at the outset. It seems eerily like the money pit called Head Start. How do you put an end to a bad idea once it is implemented and the beauocracy is set in place? Not to mention that ample studies show the advantages of postponing formal learning, It seems too much of a coincidence that this and even earlier institutionalization of very young children is coming down from this Administration. I wish our legislators would spend more of their time eliminating this kind of destructive legislation from the books instead of adding to it. Please protect our happy young children from the awful fate they will surely suffer under this bill! Sheryl Nelson Heber City 435-671-2410