From: Darla Stevenson
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, Val Peterson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton,
Subject: HB 98
Date: Thu Feb 06 06:13:53 MST 2014
Dear trusted servants,
Please do not support House Bill 98.  It is a bill to promote further encroachment into families by encouraging the same kind of documentation, oversight and control of pre-schools, including data collection and mining, that is being encouraged and promoted by the current administration as part of the Common Core initiatives.
Please protect our families and don't sell us and our children out "for our own good".  That is no good for them, for us and for our future.
Thank you for your time.
D. Stevenson, Provo