From: Sandra W Browning
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 04:12:25 MST 2014
Dear Rep. Lifferth,

The government has no right to take control of the children.  The parents are the ones who have the responsibility to nurture and teach their children at an early age.  Back in 1965 the government started the head start program, which cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and proved to be a total waste.  This is a states’ right issue, and we don’t want it in the state of Utah, for the following reasons:

1) The bill calls for schools to collect longitudinal data on children which fits perfectly into the Common Core P20W database Utah has created. (P20W is preschool through grade 2 and into the workforce for tracking everyone)

 2) I totally oppose all preschool bills on a matter of principle. Establishing a preschool program for one class (disadvantaged children) will inevitably lead to mandates for other children and additional funding needs.

3) Head Start, the comprehensive preschool program started in 1965, went 45 years and spent $166 billion and was proven a complete failure. Lets not repeat history.

4) The Obama administration plan is to start educating children at birth. This is the first step on that path.  Let's put a stop to it NOW!

5) The Institute of Marriage and Family has shown that early education does NOT benefit children and they should actually begin school later rather than earlier.

Again, the government has no right to take control of the children.  They are our children and grandchildren who are going to suffer.  It is not right.  If more parents understood this bill, they would be up in arms, but they don’t know because the media says nothing.  You were elected by the people in this state to stand up for the constituents whose children and grandchildren will be affected. Yours will be also.  We don’t need to be politically correct on this most important issue, we need to be politically right.  We ask for your support and to stand by the Constitution of Utah as you were elected to do.  You also took an oath promising that.

We appreciate your work in the House, and we will appreciate it even more if you oppose 

HB 96! 


Irven and Sandra Browning