From: Morgan
Subject: HB 96: Utah School Readiness Initiative
Date: Thu Feb 06 03:47:14 MST 2014

Please vote NO on HB 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative.

The idea of forcing preschoolers to be "school ready" with systemic procedures is ludicrous. Young children often develop their skills one at a time in an order unique to their individual personality. The idea of preschool standards flies in the face of their individual needs, and leads to them being unnecessarily labeled with an educational disability because their learning can't fit the predetermined mold.

Please take heed of the the Headstart program which has showed us that "by the end of the first grade, children who attended Head Start are essentially indistinguishable from a control group of students who didn’t."

This bill also calls for preschools to collect longitudinal data, which will no doubt be stored in the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). The SLDS poses a unique threat to the privacy of those in it's system as it stores complete sets data in a data warehouse for analysis which provides a large singular target for Identity thieves and terrorists. Just last year Utah Futures, (the workforce portion of Utah's SLDS, had to be shut down because they were not using anything near standard security methods. What makes us think we can handle an organized and well funded attack from China?

HB 96 is on the agenda for tomorrow, please don't let it pass committee.