From: Debbie Boberg
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, Val Peterson, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton,
Subject: HB 96
Date: Thu Feb 06 03:21:27 MST 2014
To all of the above Legislators of Utah,
voted into office and representing "We the People",
It is vital to present and future children of Utah that you oppose House Bill 96.
We have to begin now to take a stand against the Fed. imposing their misplaced power to mold our children into puppets, robots, machines or whatever name that implies strict testing and data collecting. This action would leave no room for creativity, opinion, imagination or dreams. The threat to the upheaval of the Constitution is upon us and we cannot sit idly by watching our rights slip away into the hands of evil, power hungry villains masked in sheep's' clothing.
Once again, I plead with you to know and understand HB 96 and oppose it tomorrow Feb. 6, 2014.
Thank you for your time,
Debbie Boberg