From: Jeremy Hancock
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Equal
Date: Wed Jan 29 23:35:59 MST 2014
Dear Senators and House of Representatives
This is for sb 112 first substitution.    Lets look at facts about the  allegations of gambling,  Utah A safe haven, drugs, and prostitutions that is surrounded by game fowl.  The hsus is using people's emotions to pass laws.  Laws that infringe on human rights and liberties.  They have no evidence of any of this.  They will comment, well other states.  Utah is in question, not other states,  they can not assume we as Utahans are raised with the same beliefs as the rest of the nation.  I am LDS, that is my heritage, my cultural beliefs.  John Goodwin, and senator Davis say heritage changes with time.  I say no... I WILL be LDS until i die. As my kids will be also. We struggled as a minority group for years, that is why they left Missouri and came to Utah.   Yet since I raise gamefowl a.k.a chickens I should be a felony.  Who decides what beliefs and heritage is right.  Being LDS doesn't define me as a person, it's simply my belief as gamefowl is.   
      The  fiscal analysis on this bill clearly states that .5 people are arrested a year for cock fighting.       It has been illegal to harvest game fowl in Utah  for many decades.   It has been a felony in the surrounding states for decades.  So why wouldn't Utah already be a safe haven  for harvesters?  Surely if it was a problem  stated by mr Davis and the hsus,  wouldn't  the arrest be a lot higher then .5 people a year.  So after all the police work,  if passed, their time will be wasted on finding a midget. Really....  I guess that would help.  At least we can stick a midget in a broom closet in the prisons, cause lack of room.  
   Know let's discuss the drugs.  Recently a airplane was intercepted at a local airport with 180lbs of marijuana on it.  Lots of marijuana.  Yet,  no chickens.  Also people get arrested all of the time for drugs, and child abuse because they  neglect their children. Yet again there was no chickens involved.  So if there was a relationship between drugs and chickens (other than in hot pockets), wouldn't there be more then .5 people arrested per year, or more drug dealers with guard  chickens. That would make more since.  To me it sounds like a secret agenda is in motion.   
     Now it is time for prostitutions a.k.a hookers.  Most farmers are economically deprived(poor). If they have spare income it goes  back into their family or farm. They are realist, most farms dont have disposable income, meaning they don't have a hooker fund.  I have lived here my whole live and never seen a hooker, unless we are talking about gold diggers. Then yes... They are everywhere.       The only prostitution arrest I could fined was back in 2008 in St George Utah.   Also a investigation was started in SLC in 2012.  I guess hookers are in cities not hillsides.  Who would of guessed. Odd thing was, no chickens were mentioned or taken into custody in either cases.    I have read all of the cockfighting bust in Utah, all three or four of them since the 1980. No hookers, so where is the evidence that proves these sexually activities.   I bet serval of your peers were raised on a farm.  (That is where people harvest animals.)  How many of them do you think was turned on sexually from harvesting animals.   I bet less then 1%, although their is always that one person that makes it weird.  Would that be the appropriate situation to rent a hooker?   Since harvesting takes multiple people would you be like "one more dad then I am going to the hooker". No absolutely not, prostitutions  and small towns don't mix.  Everyone knows everything.  So the hooker statement is a real far stretch.   Lack of evidence to support that claim.   People are passing laws against us.  Please look at evidence,  not  believe a one sided opinion. 
     There is gambling, but small amounts like betting a baseball game.   Nothing that is major life changing numbers.   Everyone bets, that can't dictate the out come of a felony.   My rights and your rights deserve solid evidence when a group is being discriminated against.    
preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
"English prejudice against foreigners"
synonyms: preconceived idea, preconception, prejudgment More
dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior deriving from unfounded opinions.
"accusations of racial prejudice"
synonyms: bigotry, bias, partisanship, partiality, intolerance, discrimination, unfairness, inequality; More
harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment.
"prejudice resulting from delay in the institution of the proceedings"
synonyms: detriment, harm, damage, injury, hurt, loss More

Thanks you your time I know your busy.  Please keep are rights intact  
Jeremy hancock   Respond to this if you have time.
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