From: Tatum Bunker
Subject: Amendment 3
Date: Tue Jan 28 05:25:50 MST 2014
As a representative for Utah county, in which our family resides, we want you to know of our strong support for Utah's Amendment 3.  We ask that you do all within your power to uphold the majority's decision to define marriage in Utah as that between a man and a woman.  We are both educators of young children.  It is evident in our experiences that children thrive best when in the care of both a mother and a father. Amendment 3 protects this stabilizing force that benefits the future of our entire state.  The people of Utah have already spoken when we voted on this amendment.  We put our trust in you to protect the voice of the majority on this matter.

With respect,
Derek and Tatum Bunker
Lindon, Utah