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Newsletter  edition 12, January 2014
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    •    Several States Have Article V Resolutions Under Consideration
    •    Grassroots Events Planned for South Carolina, Idaho, Oklahoma
    •    Article V Caucus Now Accepting Candidates as Members
    •    Tennessee and Georgia Legislators File Article V Resolutions
    •    Louisiana Governor Lends Support for Article V Convention
    •    Tea Party Patriots Host Article V Webinars


Several States Now Have Article V Resolutions Under Consideration
The BBA Task Force has announced that the following states have legislators ready to file BBA-focused Article V applications in their current sessions: GA, SC, VA, TN, MI, WI, LA, OK, SD, AZ, UT and ID.

Jordan Sillars, Director of Communications for Citizens for Self-Governance reports that their new organization already has 7,130 volunteers signed-up nationwide to help with their Convention of States (COS) drive.  They have 70 state leaders (including 28 state directors) now working in 44 states.

So far they have identified legislators in 10 states who plan to sponsor the COS application in their current legislative sessions.  COS resolutions have been pre-filed in New Mexico, Florida, Virginia and South Carolina.  The resolution in Georgia (see below) has already been filed with 22 Senate co-sponsors.

Numerous Grassroots Events Focusing on Article V
In South Carolina… an estimated 600-800 Tea Party members and citizen activists from around the US are expected to attend a January 18-20 event to discuss ways to assist their local legislators in passing Article V resolutions.

Idaho Senator Marv Hagedorn reports that citizen activist groups plan to hold Article V supportive events in his state in mid-February, just before he introduces a BBA resolution and a bill dealing with limitations on Idaho delegates to an Article V convention. 

Oklahoma State Rep. Gary Banz has teamed up with an organization called I Am American to host informational public meetings on how to initiate an Article V Convention of the States to propose a balanced-budget amendment.  The first meeting will be held on Saturday, Jan. 25 in Tulsa, and the second meeting will be held on Sunday, Jan. 26 in Del City.

Are You a Candidate for a State Political Office?  Join the Caucus!
The State Legislators’ Article V Caucus has opened its membership to candidates for state offices.  Candidates may sign up at:

Caucus co-chair Senator Kevin Lundberg (CO) reports that candidates for state offices are now invited to join “so they may learn more about the Article V process, and so they can assist their own campaigns by committing to support an Article V application in their states.”

Legislators in GA, and TN File Article V Resolutions
Georgia State Senator Cecil Staton has filed a resolution calling for several amendments to the US Constitution, including federal spending limits.  The resolution asks for constitutional amendments that would restrain federal spending, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal governments and impose term limits.

“Since Congress refuses to be fiscally responsible on their own, it is time for the states to pass an amendment that ensures the protection of our financial interests,” Staton said.

His resolution is much broader than a resolution the GA Senate passed last year, seeking a federal balanced budget amendment.  Staton’s bill has heavyweight co-sponsors such as state Senate President Pro Tem David Shafer, and state Senate Majority Leader Ronnie Chance.

Nicholas A. Deidiker, Chief Counsel for the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee, reports that on January 14 Senator Kelsey and Rep. Faison filed Joint Resolution 493 calling for a BBA-focused Article V convention.  Read more at:

Louisiana Governor Announces Support for an Article V Convention
In an early January speech Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lent his voice to an ever-growing group of state leaders who are calling for a national convention to add a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

LA State Rep. Brett Geymann noted, “The constitutional requirements (in Louisiana) have certainly limited fiscal irresponsibility”.

The LA House voted 69-21 in 2010 in favor of an Article V convention, but the Senate failed to bring it up for a vote.  State Rep. Nick Lorusso, said he would introduce a resolution during the session that starts in March to call for a convention. He reports that his new proposal will be broader than his 2010 resolution that failed to pass muster in the Senate.

Lorusso said his proposal will call for a federal convention that seeks to “impose fiscal restraints on the federal government and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

Read more at:

Tea Party Patriots Host Article V Webinar
During January the Tea Party Patriots is hosting a series of three webinars on Article V.  In the second session, on Jan. 14, the executive director of Eagle Forum spoke about why her group opposes an Article V convention.  She was followed by Article V expert Rob Natelson who underscored why an Article V convention is needed, and why it is the preferred way to rein-in federal government excesses.

Did you know?

In 1922 seven states held a regional interstate convention to negotiate the Colorado

River Compact. Each state sent an instructed delegate called a "commissioner,"

chosen as the state legislature determined.

This gathering called itself the "Colorado River Commission," and like other interstate

conventions it was a meeting of equal sovereignties. In addition to the states, the

federal government participated, since interstate compacts (unlike amendments) have

to be approved by Congress.

The convention adopted its own procedures, selected several places for different

sessions, chose its own committees, and elected its own officers. (Secretary of

Commerce Herbert Hoover served as chairman.) Issues were determined on a "one

state/one vote" basis.

The convention was highly successful, and illustrates the extensive history of American

states meeting through designated commissioners to solve common problems.

By Prof. Rob Natelson

Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence

Independence Institute & Montana Policy Institute


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