From: Jim Barrus
Subject: 2nd Amendment
Date: Fri Jan 24 23:54:48 MST 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen of our Utah Legislature.

This is sent as a reminder that the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution for the United States of America absolutely forbids and infringement of any kind on the ownership, possession, use, or otherwise with our weapons.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  2nd Amendment

In case you want to argue that we have no Militia, you will find that you are derelict in you Constitutional Duty in that the Constitution for the State of Utah mandates the militia be formed and establishes the fact that the Militia consists of every able bodied male between 18 and 45.  This is NOT the National Guard.  You have to join the guard.  This is not voluntary.  It is a mandated obligation of every able bodied male within the ages set forth.  The fact that the Governor and the Legislature has not followed the mandate of the people in organizing the Militia does NOT relieve them of the restriction against INFRINGING upon our right to keep and bear arms.

  39-1-1.    Militia -- How constituted -- Persons exempted.
     (1) All able-bodied citizens, and all able-bodied persons of foreign birth who have declared their intention to become citizens, who are 18 years of age or older and younger than 45 years of age, who are residents of this state, constitute the militia, subject to the following exemptions:
     (a) persons exempted by laws of the United States;
     (b) persons exempted by the laws of this state;
     (c) all persons who have been honorably discharged from the army, air force, navy, or volunteer forces of the United States;
     (d) active members of any regularly organized fire or police department in any city or town, but no member of the active militia is relieved from duty because of his joining any volunteer fire company or department;
     (e) judges and clerks of courts of record, state and county civil officers holding office by election, state officers appointed by the governor for a specified term of office, ministers of the gospel, practicing physicians, superintendents, officers and assistants of hospitals, prisons and jails, conductors, brakemen, flagmen, engineers and firemen of railways, and all other employees of railways actually employed in train service; and
     (f) idiots, lunatics, and persons convicted of infamous crime.
     (2) All exempted persons, except those enumerated in Subsections (a) through (f), are liable to military duty in case of war, insurrection, invasion, tumult, riot, or public disaster, or imminent danger of any of these, or after they have voluntarily enlisted in the National Guard of this state.

Please honor your Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution for the United States of America and for the State of Utah.

Please also understand that the sole purpose for creating a government, according to the Declaration of Independence, is to secure the unalienable rights given to us by our Creator.

That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  -  Declaration of Independence

Thank you for the service you provide as representatives of We, the People.

Jim Barrus
Constitutional Concepts Foundation

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