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JANUARY 15, 2014

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CONNECTED VEHICLES ARE COMING: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration has been conducting research on connected vehicle technologies, applications and policies in order to lay the foundation for a real-world traffic environment in which cars communicate with each other and with nearby infrastructure.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it expects “to announce a decision in the coming weeks” regarding the best course of action on connected vehicle tech. [more]

FIVE STATES CHOSEN AS DRONE TEST SITES: Drones are one step closer to becoming commonplace in American skies, but analysts fear that bureaucratic red tape may stall progress.

"These test sites will give us valuable information about how best to ensure the safe introduction of this advanced technology into our nation's skies," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. [more]

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150 YEARS OF THE TUBE:London’s Institute of Civil Engineers celebrates a century and a half of the Underground with a compelling 12-minute chronicling its history. [more]

TOP 10 LIST: Water Online lists the top 10 technology needs facing the water sector. [more]

CAN PEOPLE FUNCTION AS SMART BUILDING SENSORS?Ken Sinclair, editor of Automated Buildings, interviews Lindsay Baker at Building Robotics, about new software that turns occupants into sensors for the buildings they inhabit, saving energy and improving comfort at the same time.

Says Lindsay: “The tech has a machine learning algorithm that incorporates the patterns and preferences of people in various spaces over time, while reducing conditioning where it isn’t needed.” [more]

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ALLSEEN ALLIANCE TO FOSTER GROWTH OF INTERNET OF EVERYTHING:Cisco, Haier, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, and more unite to enable interoperability across multiple devices, systems and services and support broadest cross-industry effort to accelerate Internet of Everything.

Via BizTech magazine: Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers estimated the value of the Internet of Everything market over the next several years at an astounding $19 trillion

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