From: Men of Justice and Compassion Association
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: 2nd Annual Stalk Walk
Date: Thu Jan 09 01:31:43 MST 2014

Dear Anti-Stalking Advocate,

Come and be our guests on Saturday, January 25, 2014, beginning at the North steps of the Utah State Capitol and walking east to west to help MOJAC bring awareness and celebrate January as National Stalking Awareness Month.

In watching an episode of  Stalked: Someone's Watching,  on  the Investigation Discovery Channel, narrated by Dr. Michelle Ward; it hit me that the particular wife that was being stalked had no social support system from friends or family members.  She was all alone in her ordeal. 
The males in her family simply were not around to put "fright" or "scare" into the heart of the perpetrator.  Sad to say, the estranged husband succeeded in killing her daughter, maiming and scarring the wife for life, and culminating with the perp taking his own life.
Guys, do not underestimate the power of  non-violent confrontation to keep your child safe and out of the reach of a stalking perpetrator.  All too often, mothers and sisters are left to help another female relative pick up the pieces of a soured or dangerously-broken relationship. Guys, figuratively speaking, get into thering with the perpetrator!
How sad that such things happen in the first place!  What is even more terrifying is the thought that such women and some men are left alone to deal with such menacing ordeals.  
2nd Annual STALK WALK

Free Sidewalk "Walk" around the State Capitol starting at the North steps and proceeding east to west.

Stalk Walk
J anuary 25, 2014
Time: 10AM-12Noon
Utah State Capitol
Salt Lake City, UT
About Us

World-renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow,  in his  Hierarchy of Needs Theory proved that  safety is the second most important rung in climbing the human hierarchy of needs.  While our society continues to emphasize health over safety, this fact should be known; women want to know if their menfolk have their backs in being concerned for their safety.  (Ladies, MOJAC GOT YOUR BACK). For example, if a woman is killed or maimed in a stalking incidence, why worry about her health? Stalking, along with bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, drinking and driving, and sexual assault are all safety issues.  Which rung is  stalking placed on your ladder of HUMAN hierarchy of needs? 
Every loving and concerned father in Utah should be worried (and we mean a good worry) that his daughter may become a victim of stalking, and at the same time, worry ( a cautious worry) that his son may become a perpetrator in stalking another man's daughter.  All too often, parents take the stance that "my child is incapable of committing such atrocities." 

Truth be told, MOJAC believes that every human is capable of committing atrocities against others if one does not keep his/her minds, hearts, and souls morally strong. So enough with the excuses! Now is the time to do something about stalking and send strong messages to perpetrators.  Or we can continue to do what this man is doing below.  

COME WALK WITH US on January 25, 2014 and that evening, come back with your child to share your family's bullying ordeal.  More details on the bullying get-together will be provided later.  Stalking and bullying are the two symbolic children on MOJAC's  Double Intimidation January events.  
March 20, 2014 is Love UT, Give UT Day.  Please keep MOJAC in mind as yourcharity of choice as we will be emphasizing Litter Patrol in mobilizing some within Utah's homeless community to help us keep Utah free of litter.  When the snow melts, the litter that was left behind will become all too apparent.  Help us give the homeless a "volunteer" job to keep Salt Lake, Ogden, Park City, Provo, and other Utah communities free of litter. As MOJAC sees it, "only a critter should be able to litter." 

To Your Child's Safety,

Lee Johnson
Men of Justice and Compassion Asssociation
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