To: anglonevada,
Subject: Banner Shareholder Update (Perhaps Most Important Ever)
Date: Sat Jan 04 22:40:56 MST 2014

ATTN: Banner-related Shareholders: New Year's Update  
One of the most important to date.  
It will be recalled not long ago, that you were informed that our easiest and most problem-free mining objective would focus on acquiring mining properties known to myself and that none others could know -- as based on my 25 years looking through Requa/Hoover Files --- and to focus on the opportunities based on Files and assessments that were not stolen in 1993.  There remains much veracity in having chosen this objective and still now seeking to do so. But several recent events require commentaries and interim efforts focused on finally having the means to be able to solve and explain what transpired (and why) in 1993 with Utah Court Frauds and the disappearance of the Requa/Hoover Files. 
Years ago William Pepper had made an urgent recommendation as follows:
“There is little doubt that Stephen and the original shareholders had the rights to some very valuable mining properties in the Osceola, Merritt Mountain, and Zona Jalaca claims. In addition, the Requa-Hoover Files appear to have constituted an asset of inestimable value. 
“The result of the receivership cost the original Banner shareholders dearly.Civil redress aside, some of the acts may well rise to the level of criminal conduct"...." In my view, it is therefore essential for Banner International shareholders to immediately register full and complete complaints…requesting that there be commenced a comprehensive investigation of this entire matter. Such an investigation will inevitably involve the disposition of the Requa/Hoover Files!.
Today it is overwhelmingly clear to Dr. Pepper and us all that not just "clear" crimes, but unprecedented and great crimes, transpired with obstructions of justice and schemes to steal the R/H Files. 
Most lately we have recognized, with the evidence, that we were subjected to serious crimes by FBI agents themselves and that they instigated both the Court Frauds and the theft of the R/H Files.
Moreover it has been realized, from the hard evidence, that an FBI smear campaign against both Banner and myself was made with FBI records/fabrications originating from the murder of one Samuel Edelman in 1974 at the time Getty Oil was seeking access to the Files. It is now clear that a "framing" operation was in progress in 1974 seeking to attribute that murder to myself. This was not possible when I absented myself from the scene of the crime just before it happened. But both in 1974 and later in 1993 I was made aware of the 1974 FBI fabrications of their own files, and made aware of that fact by FBI agents. These libellous fabrications were of the most extreme degree. John Paul Getty can now only as necessarily be seen as the instigator of that plot, the key aspect of which was to murder Edelman and frame myself, thereby removing my control of the files for his access to them. I had just turned Getty down. Regardless of events now, FBI persons did fabricate their records in that effort to frame myself.This is the realityand has major consequences now sure to unfold. The reality also, aside from 1974 issues, is thatfabricated "evidence" from the FBI from 1974 was then employed by FBI against myself and Banner shareholders in 1993 to manipulate and coerce persons into lying and instigating an overnight receivership. This is what a COINTELPRO operation is all about. A number of them were targeted against Banner shareholders and myself.
Another realization has been through Dr. Pepper: Oil billionaire H.L Hunt was essentially in control of the FBI during both the JFK and MLK assassinations -- through a private telephone line between just the two offices of H.L. Hunt in Dallas and J.Edgar Hoover at the FBI. Hunt was then the richest (Oil)  person in the US.
Now also explosively, those behind the MLK murder as Pepper has proved in the Memphis Court are also made clear by JFK writers as the very same persons -- J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, and the same Mafia persons, Carlos Marcello, -- who organized the JFK Dallas events of 1963. This presages very likely profound results soon. Detailing the above realities now offers very great opportunities to us all: for damage claims to be made of demand on the FBI for its crimes against us (loosing all our assets in 1993), and with very profitable DVD documentaries to be produced and sold.
It has been discovered that JFK also with RFK had been prosecuting Marcello and they were set to do so against the Mob-allied LBJ. Furthermore the Church Committee has detailed COINTELPRO operations from 1976 with highly criminal acts by FBI agents --- such as by the indicated FBI criminals who organized the murder in 1974 in the failed effort to frame myself and then be able to obtain the R/H Files which I had denied him Getty -- and also such criminal acts as Congressmen learned: The vast scope of FBI’s COINTELPRO/Mafia-allied crimes was then exposed in the Church Committee Hearings in Congress in 1976. Said Committee Member Senator Huddleston:"The fact that the United States Government [FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him wasthe kind of thingwe were confronted with across the board during this investigation".
Our Banner-related issues now merge with thousands of other similar ones by criminals in the FBI.
The conclusions in these matters can only include that a long-term FBI/Mafia/Oil faction employing FBI agents for major crimes has been put in place in the FBI since the assassination of JFK, and that it was responsible also for that JFK assassination, and then later that of MLK - as proven by William Pepper in court. Dallas 1963 and Memphis 1968 are to be seen as done by one major conspiracy that continues today within the FBI. We have been the victims of these FBI/Oil/Mafia-allied criminals. There is no doubt about this to be possible.
Claiming damages for this and making some video productions from this should be seen by all Banner-related shareholders as essential. A full commentary regarding this will be sent to you shortly.Here the related evidence in part is provided in the attached item. It should be very well appraised. Our use of this can greatly profit all shareholders.
A few shareholders will now likely realize that criminalized FBI agents have fed them criminally false information, as a few shareholders have also been prompted to make to you. This is what COINTELPRO is all about.
Stephen H. Requa