To: anglonevada,
Subject: ATTN: For Those Knowledgable in (or about) Utah
Date: Thu Dec 19 03:30:41 MST 2013

For those Knowledgeable in (or about) Utah: Unlawful Utah FBI COINTELPRO operations seen since 1974, without abatement: 
How Davis became so embarrassingly evident in obvious unlawful Utah FBI CONTELPRO agents' coaching him for various falsehoods, and a sudden drastic change from his prior 8 years of emails (similar to Bowers' scripted falsehoods also evident by FBI coaching in the recorded interviews on him for his transparent lies (attached Bowers pdf), and with FBI in several varied offices calling him to lie even about the FBI, to assuage his fears that their lies given to Bowers to use would not be subject to honest FBI agents' attentions, as were in fact being sought)-- with Davis now, even after Davis' alleged 3 days in Heaven and being introduced to God by Angel Moroni and being given "the keys" to save not only all Mormons, but the whole world too, all as written up in his wife's several hundred page book. A bit of a farce in Utah FBI is now being seen all going back to FBI's unlawful COINTELPRO ops , with Agent Collins ops in Utah in his 1993 COINTELPRO op, and all the way back way to original COINTELPRO op of 1974, as covered in Author's  Preface below for new sequel to prior book --- all started by  that COINTELPRO op in 1974 now plainly to be seen,  then also to steal the Requa/Hoover Files, as detailed below. Looks like Davis' daily alleged chats with God and angels (according to his wife's book ever since his three days in heaven with God, didn't do him much good. Why didn't God and angels tell him Belitsos was an op/liar as in attached pdf "Plan"? with Criminal Complaint to FBI in 2010 about Belitsos' then-evidenced Wire Frauds, first with Interview of Marsh about FBI telling her not to say anything. Why was that?

Davis Mission from God as written in wife's book during and after his three days in Heaven:
 He receives gifts and mission assignments from God... significant for every member of the Mormon Church. (Bolding added):

Extended his hand to challenge the Heavenly Being who introduced himself as Angel Moroni 
 Spent 78 hours in Heaven: witnessed 3000+ years of earth history (1 day in Heaven = 1000 years)
 Witnessed unprecedented corruption and continuation of the War in Heaven on earth
 Learned from God that “the next called apostle would be the anti-Christ”
 Witnessed Vatican joining forces with the Mormon Church for global leadership of the “masses”  Accepted mission to restore the 1830 original BoM to members of the LDS Church. 
 Views the Lord’s treasures: Archaeological artifacts, ancient records and mineral wealth, etc.  Receives gifts of revelation and prophecy and returns with no veil
Receives the keys to the prophetic cleansing of the earth beginning with the LDS Church 
 Has an open door policy to talk with all general authorities ( GAs
Communicates with the Lord and guardian angels every day 
 Learned that he and Karen would fulfil prophecy of the mighty one spoken of in 2 Nephi 3:24

Why then didn't God/Angels tell Davis about Belitsos lies (or about his assignment by FBI ops/dupes to dupe Davis), or about Marks' purged court filings in New Mexico, of no use to him, other than for FBI's use to discredit Complainant and to avert their very feared exposure by him of all the COINTELPRO ops witnessed since 1974 -- as now here being done. Who could possibly believe this above "Mission"?
Or take it seriously besides an FBI COINTELPRO "op" looking for more fabrications?

And thus with Davis' panic after he couldn't proceed with the FBI agents' indicated COINTELPRO scheme for Davis (with Belitsos exposed), and then with Davis' ever so strange emails thereafter. Obvious Belitsos as an evident op in Complaints to FBI with his evidenced emails and then-alleged Wire Frauds with efforts to obstruct/disrupt Banner (BDC) funding then. All in the complaints. COINTELPRO op then by Belitsos now now also to be judged. And clickable at:
All this thus now seen as organized and instigated by FBI COINTELPRO ops starting back in 1974 (as stated in Author's Preface text below), and then in 1993 with Agent Collins ("Agent X" in book" as seen at link below with "Meyer Wolfe" being Bruce Cohne), who said on phone when he was exposed: "these things happen"-- yes, but only with major criminals in FBI's still-ongoing COINTELPRO criminal ops still in Utah, (even after J. Edgar Hoover), when they were made unlawful by Congress, i.e. criminal, as everything was criminal that "FBI Agent X" did as written in 1993, and with other criminal agents in Utah FBI. All VERY criminal. Why no action in Utah after William Pepper letter to Utah US Attorneys and FBI of January 7 as below in book link?
Not the no action still with Utah now "compelled"just to have (as Pepper wrote on December 9 to FBI/ US ATTORNEYS) "a new law enforcement team", No action now because whatis now compelled is to eradicate the whole criminal network of FBI agents that J. Edgar Hoover and H.L. Hunt (with their Mafia friends such as Carlos Marcello) organized into the FBI so they could do all their horrendous criminal COITELPRO ops with them and to make sure no law enforcement was possible. Just like in Utah since 1974and just like Utah right now. All this to be made clear in new book, with Author's Preface below, and with pdfs attached. Cover of pending on-line item on new book's Cover (the attached COINTELPRO pdf)  Author's Preface below now making all this clear covering one COINTELPRO op from 1974 till right now in Utah FBI.

One thing very much required now: to purge all FBI records everywhere of the many years of their egregious COINTELPRO fabrications, such as those of clear evidence now to be seen below and in attachments:
As sent to William Pepper:
Author’s Preface
        From a then seemingly incidental event during 1974 with an FBI Agent who came to my parent’s home to ask some questions of me, then from other events that also transpired in 1974 but were not reported to me in Utah until 1993 by FBI Agent Mike Christman, and then from accumulating evidence of FBI agents in the background in 1993 doing very criminal things, it has been possible, and now urgently necessary, to see all these events as a part of one long-term covert FBI agent “COINTELPRO” operation, despite them being outlawed after J.Edgar Hoover, when his unimaginable evils were exposed with his COINTELPRO operations, a horrendous number of these, and with so many focused on Martin Luther King. The COINTELPRO operation to steal the Requa/Hoover Files started under J.Edgar Hoover's reign in Utah (and California) and has continued in full force till now. It started immediately after I denied geologists of Getty Oil any further access to the Requa/Hoover Files, then held by my father Lawrence K. Requa and myself. These comprised the results of mining explorations, primarily for gold, that had begun during the 1930s by my grandfather Mark L. Requa, former President Herbert Hoover, and my father. Getty Oil had just acquired under a consulting contract with my father all the data they had spent, over $ 1 million in 1930’s dollars, to establish gold reserves at the Mercur Mine in Utah. Eventually, Getty Oil combined with Barrick Gold to exploit that data, with Barrick going public in 1983 based on that Mercur Mine. They then mined over a billion dollars in gold.
       Even in 1973 the data held in my father’s office was of extraordinary interest to Getty Oil, just as the gold boom was starting in the 1970s after the gold price had been set free. It’s meteoric rise from $42 dollars an ounce to over a thousand dollars an ounce had commenced. Getty Oil was owned by John Paul Getty then living in London. He and his geologists could see with the first data obtained from my father on that one Mercur mine in 1973 the almost unimaginable value of the thousands of other files on sites throughout the hemisphere, all right there in my father’s office. $100 million had been spent to amass that data from the 1930’s till then. This financing had come from the most major financiers associated with the founders and directors of the Federal Reserve Bank. Indeed, those Federal Reserve founders and directors had brought Mark Requa and Herbert Hoover together in 1917 because they were the most accomplished and renowned mining engineers then in the world. That was the apparent reason for them being brought together then. Long term and eventual agendas to acquire mining data and gold reserves were clear.
That program did not commence until after Herbert Hoover’s term in the White House, that my grandfather had masterminded for him. After that he and my grandfather could then go commence what would eventually result in what by 1973 would be the most valuable amount of mining data ever compiled, and on which countless gold mines all over the hemisphere could be identified and developed, with just one file having yielded over a billion dollars, and with that one file and its gold reserves enabling Barrick Gold to go public in 1983. To some high placed mining interests in 1993 the value of those files was absolutely clear. 
          Requa/Hoover data by 1973 was thus of compelling interest to Getty Oil geologists who had seen that value with just that one file. They came to my father’s office while I was there, seeking access to all the rest of the files. After they left I made sure my father said no, the files were for just us to use, not them and John Paul Getty. My father then did tell them the files were reserved for me. If John Paul Getty and his geologists wanted access to those files, they would have to do something to change that.
         I then went to San Francisco where I rented an apartment with two flat mates. One day, on the spur of the moment, I threw a sleeping bag in my mining truck and drove south to Pescadero down Highway 1 toward Santa Cruz. When I returned a few days later he large apartment complex manager immediately said: “did you hear what happened to Mr. Edelman (the owner), he was murdered”. That rather “freaked me out.”I had never met anyone who had got murdered. He lived some distance away across town. For that reason and others I decided that I did not want to stay any longer in San Francisco, and soon left to go back to Utah where I re-established myself in a bedroom at my parents’ home.  Shortly after arriving my father came into my bedroom and said an FBI agent wanted to see me and ushered him into my bedroom that was also a study. The agent told me that my telephone number from the apartment I had abandoned in San Francisco was found written on an SLA (re: Patty Hearst) hide-out wall. He wanted to know why that might have been. I had no idea of course and after a few more questions he left. That he had some report that the number was written on that wall I have no doubt. Now, in light of the events almost 30 years later, I know why that was. The number was either written on the wall by a corrupt FBI agent, or it was simply doctored into FBI files.
          I got my first clue as to why that was done from FBI Agent Mike Christman in Utah in 1993 after the unimaginable events of my company being put into anex parte overnight receivership without notice on a company with no debt, all its obligations paid a year in advance, and with $400,000 of cash in the bank. I was seeking the Utah FBI with Agent Collins to vacate that quite unlawful court action. In 2013, Dr. William Pepper, whom I had engaged in London in 1999, and based on new evidence about where the Requa/Hoover Files had disappeared to, wrote this letter to Utah U.S. Attorneys and FBI:
            Presently, he has written them again that this lack of action regarding his noting with the above stating that “clearly in evidence is an ongoing crime” while noting the “baseless” receivership that required investigating along with where the Requa/Hoover Files were, after we determined that they had gone to the law offices of Ray Quinney & Nebeker where they were being reviewed by a prominent geologist with his son as noted. With his current writing he states that this lack of action “compels a new law-enforcement team.” What is now evidenced here, however, is that it compels the realization that in effect has been a long outlawed “COINTELPRO” operation that was begun under J. Edgar Hoover in 1974 in the events as noted in 1974 with Getty Oil seeking to obtain the Requa/Hoover Files. My telephone number being alleged as written on an SLA hideout wall was one piece of that operation that was intended to come to light after my death, before I could make it to Utah to hear about that from the FBI agent. Another fabricated piece related to that I learned about in 1993 from Utah FBI Agent Collins.
       I had also seen in 1993, before my meetings with Agent Christman and just before the fraudulent Utah court actions, that Utah FBI Agent Collins had been pre-arranged to conduct adverse events to precede and assist the planned forthcoming receivership. Specifically, he was arranging with my cousin the late Mike Bean and Earl Dorius to fabricate and remove Banner International corporate fillings at the Utah corporations office. This is all narrated in Great American Gold Grab. I made complaints about that then. I exposed that scheme and made it impossible to succeed. Shortly after this I encountered events at a motel, with a truck backed up to my motel room door, which I could see was their plan, that when I opened the door to their knocking, I would be thrown into the back of the truck. Instead of opening the door, I had jumped out the back window of the motel room, and circled around to the other side of the street, from where I could see the truck backed up to my motel room door, all as narrated in Great Gold Grab. It was thus clear to me in 1993, that FBI Agent was organizing criminal events, to be seen now as preliminary to the expected receivership. Agent Collins and those behind him did not want Banner International corporate filings to be on hand, since they would contradict the fraudulent allegations to come in the receivership and Utah Court frauds, that were designed to be a charade to steal the Requa/Hoover Files. All in the book to be seen:
 I have since gained independent and irrefutable proof that Utah FBI agents from 1993 onward have been engaging in organized libels and spreading disinformation about both me and Banner International, some of which is attached. All this is now plainly evidenced as a COITELPRO operation by FBI agents, starting in 1974 under J.Edgar Hoover and associated with the efforts by Getty Oil to obtain the Requa/Hoover Files.
          What started to make this clear was FBI Agent Collins questioning me in 1993 when I was trying to get him and the FBI to vacate the Receivership Fraud about that 1974 murder of Edelman. He told me that there is a record with the San Francisco Police about me being questioned/interrogated about that murder. Most definitely that is a fabrication, that similar to the phone number on the SLA hide out wall was also intended to be of record – after my death – when I would be framed for the Edelman murder. They weren’t able to fame me for that, however, because just before it happened I had precipitously left San Francisco for Pescadero and was thus not on hand in San Francisco when his murder transpired — now presumably by someone in that COINTELPRO operation. Thus all the fabricated items, such as the above, to emerge after my own intended demise — by “suicide” most likely — would have free reign.
       The other fabrications are believed to have been employed by Agent Collins to prompt Utah persons before and after the receivership to be manipulated into his COINTELPRO operation. These are now evidence to include that I “had murdered four people”. Was Edelman one, with others also at that time or since. To be sure, FBI agents have been scripting many lies for many persons in 1993 and ever since, with this as an example in the attached:
The transcript of this phone interview (the tape of which is still in my possession) follows:
Interviewer:Sorry for troubling you on a Sunday evening, but I’m wondering if you could help me. I’m doing some initial investigation for the possible making of a TV documentary…
Rev. Marsh:Uh huh.
Interviewer:…concerning the Banner International fraud.
Rev. Marsh:Oh, uh huh.
Interviewer:And we’ve interviewed a character who is over here called
Stephen Requa
Rev. Marsh:Yes.
Interviewer:…who, we have been informed, you know, to some degree anyway, and ...
Rev. Marsh:How did you get this number?
Interviewer:Well, we actually tracked it down through Stephen Requa.
Now I don’t actually know how he’s done that himself.
Rev. Marsh:Well I don’t know how he’d have that.
Interviewer:Yeah, well, he tracked it down and we found out you were over in England and decided to ring you while you were over here.
Rev. Marsh:I don’t know anyone that would have given him this number though, because we…
Interviewer:Well I don’t know how he’s done it in that case but somehow he’s got the number. I’ll just try to explain so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.
Rev. Marsh:Uh huh.
Interviewer:We are an independent film company and we are possibly interested in making a documentary about the Banner fraud because it looks very interesting. In the UK there is a book that is on the threshold of publication and it looks as though some of the serious press is going to be publishing excerpts from the book. And of course what they are doing, similar to ourselves, they are actually checking out some facts.
They are trying to check out the legal situation as we are. And we, as an objective operation, are trying to get at the facts and to build up a complete picture of Stephen Requa. So what I am trying to do as a straight researcher is to speak with as many people as possible who know him and to try to get comments from them, how they found him, the state of mind he was in when they knew him
Rev. Marsh:OK. I’m not willing to make any statement.
Interviewer:You’re not prepared to say anything at all.
Rev. Marsh:I’m not willing to say anything. I mean — no.
At this point I nudged Andrew and whispered to him to ask her why.
Interviewer:Any particular reason?
Rev. Marsh:Yeah, because I told the FBI I would say nothing.
Interviewer:The FBI?
Rev. Marsh:Right.
Interviewer:Yeah. I had it down on the list that the FBI were involved, but I didn’t believe that, so you’ve now confirmed something that’s very important.
Rev. Marsh:OK. Well that’s as far as I’m willing to go. If you need any more I think you have to contact the American Embassy.
Interviewer:Yeah. You don’t know anything about a Frederick Q. Lawson?
Rev. Marsh:[Pause] No.
Interviewer:You were never shown any pictures of Stephen Requa, and
purported pictures of Stephen Requa?
Rev. Marsh:I’m not answering any more questions. [Click]
Clearly, Rev. Marsh had been made to believe that Banner had been a fraud, rather than a victim of a fraud. She had also been programmed to perceive me as dangerous, and therefore she did not want me to find out her whereabouts. She had betrayed that perception in her response to the fact that I had her phone number, when she said: “Well I don’t know how he’d have that…I don’t know anyone that would have given him this number though, because we…” The question, of course, would be “because we what?” For some years to come, her seemingly great resentment and fear of my possibly having her number struck me as most strange. The comment about the American Embassy also told me that she was probably in touch with the embassy herself, and the only reason I could think of for contacting the embassy would be that she had been enlisted by the feds to assist in making mepersona non grata in the
Now to be concluded is that the four people I had murdered, as alleged by my brother, were being manipulated, most likely with fabrications and disinformation, including, to be sure, those evidenced as created around the Edelman murder.
The items in attachment evidence a present-day continuation of the same COINTELPRO operation that assuredly began in 1974 — then as now to steal the Requa/Hoover Files.