From: Ember Brillhart
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Honda North American Environmental Report 2013
Date: Wed Dec 18 21:31:46 MST 2013
Dear Representative Lifferth: 

On December 10th, Honda released its ninth annual North American Environmental Report.  While this is a comprehensive report focusing on a number of areas including product development, purchasing, manufacturing, sales and service, in use, administration, environmental business innovation and global CO2 targets, I would like to highlight four significant achievements from the last year: 
·         CO2-adjusted fuel economy of Honda and Acura automobiles is up 9.5%;
·         CO2 emissions intensity of North American automobile production is down 16.2%;
·         CO2 emissions intensity from the shipment of finished products from factories to dealers in the U.S. is down 8%, and
·         CO2 emissions intensity of service parts shipments in the U.S. is down 13.5%
Thefull press release is available here, and an infographic that details some additional environmental achievements is available here
Let me know if you have any questions. 

Ember A. Brillhart
Manager, State Relations
Honda North America, Inc.