From: kurt forrer
To: Ronda Menlove, David Lifferth, jdraxler, Edward Redd, Curt Webb, Jacob Anderegg, Ryan Wilcox, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Brad Dee, Richard Greenwood, Paul Ray, Curtis Oda, Brad Wilson, Steve Handy, Stewart Barlow, Roger Barrus, Jim Nielson, Becky Edwards, Doug Sagers, Susan Duckworth, Jennifer M. Seelig, Rebecca Houck, Joel Briscoe, Angela Romero, Mike Kennedy, Brian King, Lee Perry, Janice Fisher, Larry Wiley, LaVar Christensen, Craig Hall, Johnny Anderson, Mark A. Wheatley, Patrice Arent, Carol Moss, Eric Hutchings, Jim Dunnigan, Lynn Hemingway, Daniel McCay, Jim Bird, Earl Tanner, Tim Cosgrove, Steve Eliason, Marie Poulson, Ken Ivory, Keven John Stratton, Derek Brown, Richard Cunningham, Greg Hughes, John Knotwell, Melvin Brown, Kraig Powell, John G. Mathis, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Spencer Cox, Val Peterson, Dana Layton, Keith Grover, Jon Stanard, Dean Sanpei, Rebecca Lockhart, Francis Gibson, Michael Mckell, Marc Roberts, Merrill Nelson, Jerry Anderson, Kay Mciff, Brad Last, John Westwood, mnoel, Lowry Snow, Don Ipson,
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Date: Sun Apr 14 23:45:45 MDT 2013
To Whom It May Concern: 

I have learned of the new Ag-Gag Bill being passed in your state and I do not set well with this. You have already taken away the freedom of these animals by allowing them to be placed into factory farms. You do not need to take away their right to be protected by moral citizens who care about them. I request that you reverse this immediately. 

Its a known fact that almost all murders start out by abusing animals. Also a fact, animal abusers are highly likely to be grown-up and child abusers. The more laws you enact to help abuse to stay hidden, anywhere, is helping their sickness to flourish. And of course you'll be helping to set future precedents that marginalize cruelty to animals.

This is wrong and you know as well as we do that cruelty and neglect are displayed beyond measure in these factories but yet you choose to turn your back on them. My request is that you reverse this bill immediately. 

These animals are treated with such neglect and brutality as you can see directly from these video links:

I trust that upon examination of the above facts you will agree that it is in the best interest of your State Legislation to reverse this bill. 

Yours faithfully,

Lyndel Thomas