From: david watara
To: david watara,
Subject: hello
Date: Mon Nov 17 17:17:18 MST 2014

I know that this may come as a surprise to you, please do not treat this as an unsolicited email, I have made so much research before contacting you, I understand and believe that you are someone special and have decided to contact you in this personal confidential Issue.
I must express my proposal without reservation and I wish to tell you that I have contacted you because of a business of 100kg of Gold / precious metal, 23+ Carats purity, presently deposited in my company’s vault.
I want you to try and understand me and also place yourself in my position as a vault manager of a safe keeping company, a lot have happened and I am aware of a whole lot of issue and having put up 17 years with this company, I have nothing to write home about. Hence I have missed many opportunity and do not wish to see more go by.
I have contacted you because you can help me to achieve this, knowing that in today Gold world market, 100kg of Gold / precious metal is not a small money, your last name is what has attracted me to contact you and I just need to know if I can trust that whole amount of Gold / precious metals in your care to sell them and we share the amount realized from the sales.
The depositor of the Gold bullion in question died three years Ago and my company is not aware of his death, he is a foreigner and has a similar last name with you, I happen to have some of his documents with me, I am requesting that you stand as his relative/partner, so that we can process the release to you, this will only be known by both of us only, as you need to maintain absolute secret about it.
I am assuring you of 100% success and you will be needed to come down and visit the security company and inspect the processing of the transaction, but if your duty could not permit you, I can get an attorney to represent you in any dealings with the company, as an insider I will inform you on all to do to get this transaction done and I will also stand to attest that you are his relative since I am the oldest serving staff in the company.
I want you to read this thoroughly and get back to me, I am very ready to release the certificate of Deposit to you as we proceed forward, I will implore you to have this deal accomplish with me and we need an urgent move to secure this transaction.
I will wait to hear from you.
Mr. David watara