From: McKenzi Hilton
To: Jerry Stevenson, Stuart Adams, Todd Weiler, Ralph Okerlund, lhilyard, Scott Sandall, David Lifferth, Jack Draxler, Edward Redd, Curt Webb, Jacob Anderegg, Justin Fawson, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Brad Dee,
Subject: A voter's request.
Date: Mon Jan 19 17:21:38 MST 2015
 Good morning, 
First and foremost, thank you for taking a moment to read through my email today.  I sincerely appreciate your continued service to our state and hope that this letter finds you well.
I am writing to you regarding the Clean Air, No Excuses (2) rally happening on Capitol Hill, January 31, 2015.
As a valued member and leader of our community, you and your colleagues are front and center when it comes to resolving the issues our city and state is facing.  However, the first step to resolving any problem is to acknowledge and support the idea that there is a problem.  How better to do that then to attend the rally on the 31st and show your support for stricter regulations on industry polluters and to support sound changes to resolve our energy dilemma and horrible air in Utah?
However, your support must not stop there.  As a part of the voting public in our great state, I expect my representatives to act quickly and make sound, ethical decisions to put the health and overall well-being of our citizens first.  This must include better and more expansive mass-transit, a significant renewable energy push to solar (on every house/business) and wind, as well as a complete move away from coal, fracking or any other "dirty energy".  In addition, we must have transparent educational campaigns to help the public learn more about the issues and what changes can be made at the individual level.

We cannot wait any longer.  Please be a part of the future with us.
Thank you again for your time and attention.  I look forward to seeing you on the 31st.
Mckenzi A Hilton
Holladay, Utah