From: Kelly Blake
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Arrest george w bush . War Criminal . " Fraud " .
Date: Tue Jan 20 09:40:01 MST 2015
Washington Street
Rumford , Maine

In Maine, Public law 264, H.P. 868 – L.D. 1271 criminalizes the knowing, intentional, and/or reckless use of an electronic weapon on another person, defining an electronic weapon as a portable device or weapon emitting an electrical current, impulse, beam, or wave with disabling effects on a human being (Publicsignal).

Dear Mr.Berry, 

Thank you for contacting the Civil Society Section of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). 

From your message we understand that you wish to communicate to UN mechanisms information regarding an alleged human rights violation. 

A complaint on an alleged human rights violation can be submitted to the attention of the following human rights mechanisms of the United Nations: 

1. Individual communications under the special procedures of the Human Rights Council. 

"Special procedures" is the general name given to the mechanisms established by the Human Rights Council to address either specific country situations or thematic issues in all parts of the world. Some special procedures mechanisms intervene directly with Governments on specific allegations of violations of human rights that come within their mandates. 

For more information on requirements and procedures for submitting a communication to the special procedures as well as contact details, please visit the website . 

2. Individual complaints under the international human rights treaties (petitions). 

Any individual who claims that her or his rights have under the covenant or convention have been violated by a State party to that treaty may bring a communication before the relevant committee, provided that the State has recognized the competence of the committee to receive such complaints. The following treaty bodies may, under particular circumstances, consider individual complaints from individuals: 
-Human Rights Committee; 
-Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women; 
-Committee against Torture; 
-Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination;
-Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; 
-Committee on Enforced Disappearances 

For more information on procedures and contact details for lodging a complaint with the treaty bodies, please refer to the publication Individual Complaint Procedures under the United Nations Human Rights Treaties available online in English or please visit the website. 

3. The complaint procedure of the Human Rights Council. 

The Council’s complaint procedure addresses consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested violations of all human rights and all fundamental freedoms occurring in any part of the world and under any circumstances. 

For more information on requirements and procedures for submitting a complaint to the Human Rights Council’s complaint procedure as well as contact details, please visit this website. 

Please note: Each human rights mechanism has its own requirements, advantages and limitations. It is therefore advised to give a careful consideration before deciding which mechanism to use for your particular situation. 

To learn more about the strengths, specific requirements and limitations of each of the mechanism, please consult Chapter VIII of the Handbook Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme: A Handbook for Civil Society. The Handbook is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish at 

The Handbook is also available in English and in French, in an audio and visually enhanced format, tailored to persons with visual or print disabilities. 

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Re: 132 Washington Street
Rumford, Maine

Dear Senator Angus King,

We have been Targeted since 2003. We moved back from Bethel and we are living in the same house that we did five years ago. We thought if they are going to do it to us anyways we might as well be back here, so they can do it to themselves. As the vehicles drove by with their big pipes, loud mufflers, and annoying exhaust we would hit the panic button on the keys and it would make the van honk the horn. Not doing it to the people that lived next to us, but the people that are harassing us going by several times a day on purpose. We thought that if we exposed them to the neighbors that have lived here for several years maybe they would also see the truth.

 On Monday July 21st around 6:30 p.m. Larry next door came over all in a huff with a piece of paper. He said "Do you know what this is?". I said 'a piece of paper'. He said it was a list of the times we honked the horn. When Larry came over all in a huff we had stopped doing it after late hours. We continued during the day as it was normal noise. But that was not good enough for him. So behind our backs (like usual) he got the rest of the neighbors against us, not knowing our background of being harassed and having PTSD. On Friday 25th around 1:30 p.m. he called the police and they talked with Kathy across the street and a couple of other people in the lower part of the street. Then two officers came to the door and I talked with them outside. They were all primed and didn't care what we had to say (like usual) . They are always rude to us and have no clue the truth behind these closed doors. We have tried to write to all of the government officials several times since 2003 to get help. We always get rejected. Larry was rude when we lived here the first time and nothing has changed. We had borrowed money off him only about three or four times. It was always a $20.00 at the end of the month to get through until we got paid. I always paid him back. I never used his money for anything else then gas, or food, or things for the kids.

 Instead of being isolated we decided to try and have a few friends around here and we thought Kathy across the street was one of them . She is an older woman (54 yrs) so we thought that it would be good. She had a lot of health problems and mental health problems, so I thought that I would be there for her because she had no family around. She always came over talked with the kids, drink our tea, and snacked on our food. She always borrows money from Larry also. She uses it to buy cigars, milk, and coffee brandy. Larry told her that he was not going to lend her any more money if he thought she was giving it to us. She called me and told me that she could come over after dark, so Larry did't see her. I said then don't come over. I was always there for her. Bringing her places, to the store and taking her down to Tri-county Mental Health when she was having a hard time. Letting her go with us to the mine and to the beach. We thought she was a true friend.

There is a group on Facebook that I joined to try to get some baby clothes for Angelah our nine month old baby. I had met two younger woman that lives close by. Marie and Trish. Marie had given me her cat that she had taken in but couldn't keep her because of her dog didn't like the cat. She had posted it in the group, so I took in the cat. That day that I did, she had saw the washer and dryer in the kitchen and had asked to do a couple of loads. I said sure, as I always try to help others. She said that when she got her money at the beginning of the month she would give me $20.00.  As she was doing her laundry she had asked about taking her to the store when she got her food stamps. So I took her a couple of times to the store and where she needed to go. When the beginning of the month came around she didn't have it. Then not hearing from her again until she got her food stamps again, she had asked me for another ride paying me in her food stamps. As we were gone they did their laundry at the house and when we got back the dryer was not drying the clothes and was not working. After they had left I called Larsen's Electric Service and they came and looked at the dryer and had to fix the fuse. $70.00 bill. When she called a week later asking to do another load I said 'no'. I was always promised to get paid and she never came through. She had called a couple more times to go to the store and I had to say no because she had no money and I had no gas. I don't mind helping others, but I do mind not getting something in return.

 Trish had made a post on selling some baby girl stuff, like clothes and a high chair. So I thought that would be good. I contacted her on facebook and she was going to meet us and talk with us about the clothes. She tried one day but it was hot and she couldn't find the house, so we put it off for a couple of weeks. She had finally called back and she found the house. She has three small girls. Ranging in age from 1 1/2 yrs, 3 yrs, and 4 yrs. The kids came in had met our kids and they had fun. I made some pizza that night (Tuesday) and they ate over. Within about 30 minutes she had asked me if I would like to babysit for her a couple times a week for about $75.00 a week. At first I thought it was a good idea because we are struggling at the end of the month as it is and with a little extra money would be nice to make it through for gas and food. After she had left I talked with Larry about it and he told me his feelings about it. He thought that there might be sexual allegations accusing our boys and that would not be good. Also, that it was not worth the money and hassle. She called me the next day and they came over and had dinner (Tacos) played and left.  She texted me on Thursday and had asked me to watch the girls and I had said 'no'. Just had a bad feeling about it. After she got out of work she had called and asked if we would like her to do some shopping and have supper here again. I said ok and she brought over some chicken and corn and we had supper. During that time she had to change her oldest girl several times because she did not make it to the potty in time. The girls were good except they were screeching and whining to get there way acting like babies. Seeing how much work it would be just confirmed that I didn't want to babysit. Since Justyn was picking up the whining and screeching I thought we needed a break, so Friday we was getting ready to go to Greenwood to the mine and beach when she texted me and asked me what we where doing and I told her, and she had asked if she could follow us and go too. We said sure, like usual, and so we took them to the mine and beach. Had a good time. Got home around 7:30 and we was all hungry so I had made supper. They left around 10:30 pm. When I woke up on Saturday was a very sick. I told her I needed a break from running. Not hearing from her in a couple of days I texted her on Monday night just saying hi. She called me back saying she was having a hard time. Trying to be a friend I had asked her what was wrong. She had said " Can I ask you a question?" I said 'sure'. " Don't get offended, but do you think that your boys would have touched my four year old?" I said 'absolutely not'. They don't know what that is, would not know what to do, and they were never alone longer enough the three times she was here to do anything anyways. Larry was right again. All this was within a week of time. Way to much stress for me. We have enough going on .

These kind of things happening is why we stay to ourselves and just trying to raise our children. So we now know why we have no friends, it is not because we are bad people.  It's because they truly don't know us, what we have been through and and just not true to their word. People are out for themselves and people today don't know the true meaning of friendship.

Thank you for your time.

Kelly J. Blake


RE : Electronic Harassment / Harassment / Stalking / Intimidation / Terrorizing / Tormenting / Spying / Torture

132 Washington Street
Rumford , Maine 

To whom it may concern ,

I guess I need to go back and explain , a little bit about our situation . In February 1997 I was in my second car accident in Ohio , and it put me out of work . I was also in the midst , of my second divorce . Not very proud of that , but I didn't expect my first marriage to fail , let alone my second . I was going through a tough time , no doubt about it .

I was put out of work , and ended up coming back home to Maine . I stayed with family , friends , and friends of friends , bouncing from couch , to floor , and an occasional tent . 

My condition seemed to be getting much worse , and I quickly realized something wasn't right . I saw a few doctors and physical therapists with little or no results . The physical therapy worked when I was there at the moment , but the next 3 - 4 days after , were agonizingly painful .

No one seemed to have any idea what was happening . Towards the end of 1997 , my mother told me I should file for disability , and I did . I was turned down . 

I continued to bounce around my family members , feeling like a free-loader , and not knowing why . In 1998 my cousin , who I was staying with , said I should try disability again , because no one ever gets it the first time . So , I applied again , and was turned down .

By then I had met Kelly , and she knew what I was going through , and we got together . It was a mis-matched relationship . She was younger , and my first two wives were older . I didn't want to really get involved , but we really got along , and still do to this day . 

At the time , Kelly was getting Social Security checks from her stepfather who had passed away . We used that to move to Arizona . In Arizona , the weather was much different , and seemed to ease my pain a little . We both got part time jobs at the local Subway . It was a non strenuous job , but it still took it's toll .

By then , we had our first daughter , Dominique . We had to figure something out , so Kelly got food stamps and was still getting her Social Security checks . That's what we lived off . 

We were staying with a friend we had met , out in the desert on Whispering Ranch . One day , my friend came over to our trailer , and told us that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were just attacked . We watched it on television . That's when I knew something was very wrong . I couldn't work , so I read a lot . This lead to my obsession , with getting to the truth . I felt some very evil , even before it had happened .

We came back to Maine , because of the baby , and we wanted the family to be involved , and I was going to get my medical condition straightened up ... or at least , try to . We had a child , now ... I needed to .

When we came back , we stayed with Kelly's mother until we got help with food stamps , and Temporary Assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services . We kept quiet about me , because I hadn't seen a doctor as of then , and we didn't know what they would say or do if they knew we were together . I've been able to work my whole life and hadn't even drawn unemployment , since I was a teenager . We heard a lot of bad stories about that , and didn't want to mess ourselves up .

What we didn't know at the time , is Kellys mother was already reporting us , because she didn't want us together . We moved out of her mothers and got an apartment in Bridgeton , Maine . I worked part time at a deli , for a few months until the store closed , then I worked part time on a farm mowing their lawns at the properties they owned .

Our landlord at the time said he had a place that he would like us to live in , in Norway , Maine . He wanted me to do some painting for him and said he would work with us on the rent , which was cool .

Once we got there , we quickly realized that he had put us there , because Kellys father also rented from him , and they were going to get D.H.H.S. involved and run me off . Well I was pried out of my house and was told that if we wanted to stay together , we both had to be on the paperwork , and I needed to see a doctor , and try to get my disability . It actually was kind of cool , because that's what we were intending to do anyways .

I set up visits with a doctor , who was very nice . She listened and seemed to understand what I was going through .The only thing I knew at the time was that I had what I could , and can only describe as ' Heightened Senses ' . But it was everything , not just sensitive to pain . I also was very sensitive to being out in crowds . It seemed like I absorbed everyone's negative energy , and it was ' crushing ' .

The ' Heightened Senses ' , she said was Fibromyalgia , which made sense except for the other senses . I'm sensitive to vibrations , noise , smell , touch , and I knew things . Meaning we would see something on the news and I would say ; ' no way ' , then I would tell Kelly what the real story was . Sure enough , after they investigated it and rolled it around the news for a couple of weeks , the true story came out , and I was always right . " Very , freaky " ... to both of us . 

Anyways the doctor called it Fibromyalgia , because there was nothing else comparable that Social Security would approve as a disability . That made sense to us , so we had that done . The , ' having a hard time going out into the public , she had labeled as Agoraphobia , which is the fear of going into crowded places , and I was for the most part , house-bound . So we used that , again ... because it was the closest thing , that Social Security would except as a disability .

I felt we had made some real positive advances , in our goals . Well , I had also been doing a lot of reading , as I said before . I'm also very artistic , and always have been . I started making books , out of magazines . I basically took the magazine industry , and turned it inside out , and said the same thing . Instead of using a lot of words , with a few pictures , I used a lot of pictures with very few words . They say a picture says a thousand words , and I proved it . My books were , ' friggin cool ' ... and I knew it . Kelly understood everything I didn't say , too .

I've always been sensitive to pictures , television , and other things of that nature . I was making these books , because I was pointing out inconsistencies , in the 9/11 attacks , and I was putting things together , and mailing my books to people , I thought ... should know . The lies , deceit , and cover-ups were just stacking up , and no one was watching . The only reason I was , is because I had nothing else to do , except read .

I was trying to explain my books to my doctor , and was trying to explain the overwhelming feelings , I was having about it , and what I was doing with my books . So she thought maybe I should talk to a guy she knew who might be able to help me figure that out . I said sure . 

She set me up an appointment , and it turned out , the guy was a psychologist from D.H.H.S. , and he spent about five minutes , didn't even look at my book , and said I was delusional , and having auditory hallucinations . Needless to say , I was upset . I'm one of the most grounded in truth people , you'll ever see or experience in your life ... and I've never heard a voice of anyones , that wasn't right beside me , talking to me , and sometimes I didn't hear that .

I had already been sending my books to people in the upper government exposing george w bush , and it didn't take long for me to figure out , that they were coming after me . I started writing to Governor John Baldacci because I had sent him my book , and I'm pretty sure he was the reason I'm still here today .

After that all went down , our landlord who wanted us in his Norway building that he and his wife always talked about retiring in , sold the building to a friend of his , in the beginning of 2003 .That's when the shit hit the fan and they started pounding on us , all around us all day , and all evening . He had to fix up the place . The building was on the corner of an intersection , and the cars were squealing their tire , revving their engines , and they were all over us .

Their plans were to scare me off , but I kept my head and they finally run us out , but some people that owned the local paper let us stay in their cabin temporarily , until we found a place . We looked everywhere , and no one would even entertain us . We finally worked with Community Concepts , which handled low income housing for the State of Maine , and the only place they said they had available was in Rumford , Maine . There was two places available , both with the same landlord .

At this point , we had no choice . We didn't want to leave Norway , but that was the only options presented to us , so we moved to Rumford , Maine . It was nice for a couple of months , until the paper mill in Rumford got sold . It was daddy bush's company , the Carlyle Group , that had purchased it . That's when everything started back up . The cars , the neighbors pounding on the walls , the planes , snowmobiles , motor cycles ( Harleys ) ,the lights on us all night , it was Hell ... and it only got worse . Everywhere we went , they would follow us around in their loud vehicles , and harass us , people went out of their way to be extremely rude , or intentionally screw us . They smashed our windows out of our van several time , the messed with our brakes , our suspension . When we had work done on it , they would charge us for it , but they never fixed it right , or didn't do anything to it at all .

It quickly turned into a nightmare from Hell . One day after we had met with our lawyer , Social Security called and I had gotten it , and the lady at the office told us they wouldn't pay any child support for my second wife until they prove the child was or wasn't mine , which we thought was great because I was in Maine , and my second wife was in Ohio , at the time of conception , and we weren't getting along or having sex , because I was getting ready to move out . I was in Maine renting a U-haul to bring our furniture back to Ohio .

Being told this , we decided to try and find a rent a little bit on the outskirts of town , thinking it would be quieter and safer . Our landlord said she had a friend that had a mobile home , that she was trying to rent . We looked at it and decided to take it . We paid first and last months , and a security deposit . After the first month we received my disability , and they were taking out $770.00 per month for child support . We called the lady and she said she never said that .It's been that way with everything , even to this day . I again ... quickly figured out why they labeled me with ' auditory hallucinations ' . But , Kelly heard her say it , too .

Anyways , we got run out of Norway , run out of the apartment in Rumford , and run out of the trailer we just rented and lost our security deposit and the rent we paid because we had to break our lease , and ended up back with the same landlord in her other building , which they then continued pounding on us .

Our family was growing so we decided to look for a house in town to rent , figuring if we got out of the slummy part , around real people with real homes , it would lessen the chances of it happening . It didn't , and the same crew was rolling around us there . They just moved their game to where we were .

After a year in the house we were fed up with it all and decided to move to another place . We found a place out in the country , that was about three miles out of the town of Bethel , Maine . It was a nice house , and a nice yard , in a nice private dead end road . Once again , it was quiet for about two months , and then it started back up . Kelly called the town to find out what was going on , and they had just hired a new town manager . The same one that was the town manager where we had just moved from . The difference was , we were out in the country and wide open . They were all day , all night , every single day . They worked on us for the entire 43 months we lived there , only they added a train , and jake-breaking semi's , down-shifting town dump-trucks , and opened up the gravel pit beside us that was idle , and for sale . Every time the kids went outside to play , they would shot guns , fly planes right down over top of them , we got the whole treatment .

Needless to say they run us out of there , and they only gave us two weeks to get out . They said someone was buying the place , and was going to live there . They screwed us on our security deposit of $1000.00 there , too . They said all kinds of things about us and our kids . They said we trashed the place and our kids were disrespectful , and they wanted us out , so they could do some work on it , before the new owner took possession . Mind you , this is after 43 months of being wonderful tenants , that took care of the place like it was our own .

Anyways , we started looking , and nothing was coming together , so one day I contacted the owner of the house that we rented in Rumford , Maine to see if it was available . It was , so Kelly and I talked about it and figured they're going to do this , no matter where we go , so we might as well take it , and we would see if maybe they had grown up , and moved on with their stupid .

Well it only took about two weeks before they found out we were back , and the same stuff started up , again . And ... it is the same exact crew . By this time we had complained about it enough that I don't think anyone , didn't know about it . I contacted Senator Angus King and asked him if he could help us , and things calmed down for a week , and started back up again . we did this a few times , with the same results . It's a game . They take nothing , make it something awful , then reduce it to a minimum and when someone is watching and whine about the national average , and how people all across America do it every day . They use the ' national average ' , like it's a goal to achieve .

About five months ago , the traffic had slowed way down , to only a few cars a day , but they were timed , to things we did inside our house . But something new was going on . It started slow , then got to a point where it was gripping , shaking hurting , causing dizziness , pressure behind the eyes , a humming or ringing in the ears , upset stomach , face gets really hot , headaches and it wasn't just me . The kids were and still are getting sick . It was the most awful feeling I've ever had . It was invasive , and personal . It wasn't light at all , and it to , was timed to things only we knew about inside our house .

I had a feeling what it was and sure enough all the symptoms were the same , and everything that I read , described exactly , what was happening . I again contacted Senator King after a couple of months , and it was reduced to a minimum ... ONLY timed to something we were doing inside our house , just like everything had been . but the traffic picked back up . 

For the past few days , they have calmed it way down , but it's low and constant , and they poke at those same times , that we do our things that we do inside our house . I assume that someone is watching right now , because it has been minimized , or maybe other neighbors have complained . but still timed . This is very tormented , and with my ' Heightened Senses ' , yes ... torturous . They are harassing , intimidating , stalking , and making our lives Hell , and all because I told the truth ?

I have 8 children , and five are sick everyday , with headaches , stomachaches , and throwing up . If the government is doing this , then they know when I send emails , and they have the ability to watch us 24/7 , even inside our house , we're not stupid , and we need someone to stop them . 

We've been going through Hell , for way to long . I'm disabled , and I have no way of getting out of it's way . We don't want them to slow down , we don't want them to do it once in a while , we don't want them doing it , at all , to US ... anymore . 

If you need to talk to us personally , we are available ... all 10 of us . They are hurting , US .

Thank you ,

Lawrence H. Berry Jr.

If your God is The Way , The Truth , and The Life , he's not very good at it .