From: Skyler Kelly
Subject: Gas Tax Hike
Date: Mon Jan 26 18:09:49 MST 2015
Dear Representative,

I am writing this e-mail in order to express a concern about the proposed "Gas Tax Hike." In my opinion this is an extremely bad idea. This would be detrimental to the rural communities and to our tourism industries. Those of us that are finally breathing a giant sigh of relief with the reduction in gas prices are extremely upset that this would take place. Why can't UDOT tighten its belt like the rest of have had to do the last few years? I am concerned, because my current commute to Utah State University for school and my job in Logan is not the ideal situation for anyone. I am almost done with my schooling and look forward to joining the normal 9 to 5 job market. I have not been able to fully support my family, because gas has been so high. For the first time in the last few years, my budget for my family is not going into the red. I would like to as a consumer be able to save some of my hard earned money and have a little financial freedom. This tax would again take away my freedom and I am not okay with that. I would ask you to think of the little guy who is struggling to go to school and support his little family and not allow this to pass the Utah State House of Representatives.

Thank You for all of your hard work.


A very concerned citizen 

Skyler Kelly