From: Amie Campbell
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Charter School Funding
Date: Wed Feb 11 04:10:52 MST 2015
Rep. Lifferth, My name is Amie Campbell and I am the principal of Ogden Preparatory Academy. OPA has had 12 years of academic and global leadership success in the diverse population of Ogden. As a large charter but small district in Utah, a finance method of ADM will debilitate a charter’s budget. The personnel needs and costs are set in the spring of the previous year and staffed accordingly. The lost of funding on 6 students would have to reduce our staff by one teacher or 2 teacher assistants. However, each teacher typically works with up to 28 students. Unlike the large districts, we can’t absorb the loss of only 6 students because of our already lean staffing model. Additional concerns exist with ADM funding for charters. A charter school has to recruit students with advertisement, flyers, and other public relation strategies. These recruitment campaigns cost money and also create a bargaining chip or attitude among parents and families. On many occasions, charter schools are threatened with loss of students when demands or desired programs are not provided immediately. Many families decision to join a charter school community is often fueled by the belief that they will be able to call all the shots, academic or otherwise. This is an unfortunate misconception that quickly causes student loss. Schools lose a student and can add one or two families back. Adding a family can take up to 10 days. On an ADM system that is a significant loss of money each time student leaves. I have been actively involved in the conversation since arriving in Utah because education is our future. I am available at anytime to talk further about the impact of ADM on our Charter, Ogden Preparatory Academy. Sincerely, Amie Campbell 801-647-1190