From: Scott Jackson
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Charter Schools October 1 Count
Date: Wed Feb 11 03:08:14 MST 2015
Dear Representative Lifferth,

My name is Scott Jackson, Principal at Thomas Edison Charter School North in North Logan, Utah.    I have served in this position for the past ten years and am now in my 43 rd  year as an educator in both district, and charter schools.

I have not been one to write legislators, but now is certainly the time.  I know that as a member of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee, you are wrestling with the question of whether charter schools should continue to use the October 1 count as the basis for charter school funding.  I want you to know that it is vital to us that you continue the October 1 count as currently established.  I can speak for our two charter schools in Cache County that it will be very harmful to our program to lose the October 1 count. 

We do very well with the funds appropriated for our program and watch our dollars very closely.  I know that our overall funding is less per student than Utah district schools.  It has come to my attention that eliminating the October 1 count in favor of the ADM plus growth plan will cause Utah charter schools between five, to six million dollars and will intensify the inequitable funding between charter schools and school districts.  The ADM plus growth plan will make the gap grow even larger between what school districts and charter schools spend per student.  And, we all know that eliminating the October 1 count and replacing it with the ADM plus growth plan will not solve the larger problems plaguing Utah education finance.  My overall feeling is that our educational system should reward student competency, not our ability to keep a child in a seat. 

What I see is that eliminating the October 1 count will relieve pressure to address the real problem, but it will only be a temporary relief.  This is a bad idea and I implore you to keep our October 1 count.


Scott Jackson, Principal
Thomas Edison Charter School North
180 East 2600 North
North Logan, Utah 84341

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