From: Jackie Leininger
To: iwamoto, Aaron Osmond, Daniel Thatcher, Stuart Adams, Steve Urquhart, Lyle Hillyard, Howard Stephenson, Marie Poulson, David Lifferth, Justin Fawson, Becky Edwards, Joel Briscoe, Mike Kennedy, LaVar Christensen, Bruce Cutler, Steve Eliason, Norm Thurston, Kraig Powell, Francis Gibson, Brad Last,
Subject: “School Library Resources”
Date: Wed Feb 11 03:02:06 MST 2015
Dear Congressman,

As a concerned parent, I urge you to add an additional $500,000 to the current $550,000 for the line item, School Library Books and Electronic Resources. My children have benefited so much from the use of the school library over the years. Our children rely heavily on the school libraries since the books they want to read are frequently checked out with long waiting lists in the public library. It would be a financial burden to have purchased all of the books they have read. My youngest daughter reads 200 or more pages each day, and double that on the weekends. She goes to the library multiple times each week, often getting recommendations from the librarian who knows her well. Please support our school libraries!

Jackie Leininger