From: Camille Odell
To: Brad Last, Lowry Snow, LaVar Christensen, Kim Coleman, Steve Eliason, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, mnoel, Marie Poulson, Tiffany Stanley,
Subject: HB 198
Date: Wed Feb 11 00:28:47 MST 2015

Dear House Education Committee: 


This coming Thursday you will be considering HB 198 – Strengthening College and Career Readiness.  Having directed the process of piloting the Southern Region Education Board (SREB) College and Career Counseling Initiative (CCCI) at Utah State University, I have had an opportunity to hear from school counselors who have completed the course and from our instructors.  I would like to share these comments with you: 


Anonymous Written Comments by SREB CCCI Course Completers (Summer 2014)

Source:  Office of Analysis, Assessment and Accreditation, Utah State University


I felt that the modules were very applicable and realistic to school counseling. I learned a lot of things that I did not know from my graduate program and experience as a school counselor.


It was well organized and the pace of the course provided adequate time for learning and completing the work.

It was all very good information. I especially liked the strategies and website references−−things I will be able to implement immediately.


The opportunity to interact with other students in the course was really good. I also was very appreciative of the feedback from the instructors.


Content was well targeted for school counselors.


Great content, I gained a lot of information that I can now share with my colleagues and students.


I’ve really enjoyed the articles and the material provided. Thanks!


Thanks I liked that so much of the content applied to the level of school where I work (middle school). Often conference information on CCR is directed at HS counselors.


Whew − that was a lot of work, but all great information and I have never felt so prepared with my curriculum as I do after this class and the action plan. Well worth it!


                        In addition to the above comments from individuals who completed the course during the pilot phase, I would also like to share a comment by Megan Stone, Instructor of the SREB CCCI course at Utah State University:


“. . . from my perspective as an instructor and a school counselor, this curriculum has been cutting edge. I have been fortunate to be involved since the initial Utah customization, and in the early stages of my career as a school counselor. The experience with college and career readiness resources available through the CCCI curriculum has directly shaped my work as a school counselor. I have deliberately put into place activities for my students to become more college and career ready because of these resources and training. It provides school counselors the support they need to be innovative and deliberate in helping prepare students for post-secondary success. “


I encourage you to vote to send HB 198 on for further consideration.  Final passage of the bill would establish a certificate program for Utah school counselors, and would provide funding to train school counselors to better assist Utah’s students in preparing for post-secondary education.  Evidence in support of the Governor’s Prosperity 2020 provides ample support for the value of educating Utah’s population beyond high school, including Utah’s current K-12 students. 


To summarize, the goal of HB 198 is to ensure that Utah School Counselors have the training necessary to meet the new and challenging demands of transitioning today’s K – 12 public education students into successful post-secondary education.  I have had the opportunity of piloting the SREB CCCI curriculum over the past three semesters at Utah State University.  I can recommend the training program with the highest level of enthusiasm, and urge your support of HB 198 so the curriculum can be utilized by more of Utah’s school counselors.  I genuinely believe that training Utah’s school counselors through utilization of the program proposed for the certificate will move the needle significantly in terms of Utah’s public education students completing post-secondary education.   





Camille J. Odell, Director
Professional School Counselor Education Program
Clinical Instructor of Psychology|Department of Psychology
Utah State University|2810 Old Main Hill|Logan, UT  84322-2810|435-797-5576