From: Holly Todd
Subject: HB 198
Date: Tue Feb 10 00:55:46 MST 2015
House Education Committee Member,

I am writing to inform you about HB 198, Strengthening College and Career Readiness, sponsored by Representative Patrice Arent.  This bill creates a certificate program available to Utah school counselors.  As the Utah School Counselor Association president, I want to express our appreciation for this bill and the work Rep. Arent has done in looking at what can be done to help Utah students.  This certificate program partners Utah State Office of Education, Utah Systems of Higher Education,  and businesses and industry to improve the skills of Utah school counselors.  In talking with counselors throughout the state, they are excited about this specific professional development for them.  They are anxious to begin working on this certificate because of the partnerships that are involved.    

HB 198 will be heard in the Education Committee meeting on Thursday.  I wanted to give you some background information prior to that meeting so I can answer any questions that you may have about this certificate program.  Attached you will find a summary of the bill and a letter of support from the Utah School Counselor Association. 

If you have any further questions that I may answer, I can be reached at this email or by phone at 435-503-1054.  Thank you again for your consideration of HB 198.

Holly Todd
Utah School Counselor Association
President, 2014-15  

hb 198 letter.pdf
HB 198 Sum 2-9-15.docx