From: Randy Evans
To: Brad Last, Lowry Snow, lavarchristensen, Kim Coleman, Steve Eliason, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, mnoel, Marie Poulson,
Subject: HB 198
Date: Thu Feb 12 15:13:26 MST 2015
Dear Education Committee Member,

The purpose of this email is to express to you my support of HB 198, and ask for yours.  It has been made known to me that this bill is not being seriously considered and I would ask for your serious consideration.  I believe this bill would allow for school counselors statewide to be more specifically trained to help meet the Governor's PACE Initiative, better preparing our future workforce and strengthening our economy in the process.  School counselors are trained in multiple skill sets which help us to be proficient in our work with Utah's children.  However, this new initiative began after the majority of school counselors completed their formal training.  HB 198 would infuse us with the necessary elements to help address the PACE Initiative and become even more adept in preparing our students for the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Randy Evans
Counselor (A-G), Lakeridge Junior High