From: LeAdelle Phelps
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: HB 199
Date: Fri Feb 13 16:14:19 MST 2015

Dear Mr. Lifferth:


Please vote in support of funding HB 199 Children with Disabilities and Complex Medical Needs. As a neuropsychologist, I can attest to the importance of such children receiving appropriate and timely medical treatments that their families can often ill afford. As an example, human growth hormone (HGH) can make a significant difference in a young child’s physical and intellectual development. By receiving such treatment, children with complex medical issues such as Turners Syndrome and Chromosome 18p are able to reach more normal stature, have improved speech/language development, achieve higher levels of intellectual functioning, and, as a result, obtain better social/emotional maturity. Yet HGH is so prohibitively expensive that few families can afford it without assistance. Medicaid coverage will make a momentous difference to the lives of these children and their families. Please support the funding of  this important bill.


LeAdelle Phelps, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist