From: Jim Rubens
Subject: Art V Convention of States, Please Support HJR7
Date: Sun Feb 22 23:17:28 MST 2015
Dear Utah Legislator,

Please forgive the informality of this message.  By way of intro, I am a former state senator from New Hampshire and ran for US Senate last year.

While I am not a constituent, we are all citizens of the US and the states must work together across borders if we are ever to stop Washington's debt binge. Congress will not act, but the states fortunately can.

Last week, our NH legislature heard Article V resolutions, including testimony by the John Birch Society about the risk of a runaway convention.  Their testimony utterly failed to persuade, with the House committee concluding that there are ample safeguards in the process and voting  unanimously, every R and every D, in favor of the Article V resolution.


Jim Rubens

(603) 359-3300