From: CenturyLink Customer
To: Ann Millner, Steve Urquhart, Jim Dabakis, Wayne Niederhauser, Mark Madsen, Jerry Stevenson, Howard Stephenson, Aaron Osmond, Marie Poulson, Michael Noel, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Eric Hutchings, Greg Hughes, Francis Gibson, Justin Fawson, Steve Eliason, Kim Coleman, Lowry Snow, Brad Last, LaVar Christensen,
Subject: HB197
Date: Tue Mar 03 04:13:51 MST 2015
2 Mar 2015

Re: HB197

Dear House and Senate Education Committees,

    I have been studying HB197 and,  53A-6-110 Administrative/supervisory letters of authorization.  53A-6-110 says, “. . . State Board of Education may grant a letter of authorization permitting a person with outstanding professional qualifications to serve in any position that requires a person to hold an administrative/supervisory license or certificate. . . .”  HB197 essentially amends that by saying that “The board may not require that an applicant . . . have a particular graduate degree;  hold a teaching license;  complete an education leadership graduate program;  obtain a professional recommendation solely from a school with an approved preparation program; or have experience in an education field.”
    A good point is that while the amendment forbids using professional experience/training as a qualification for authorization, it does not forbid using that experience/training in making a selection.
    The bad point is that while there may be some administrative positions that could be handled well by a person without professional education experience/training, there are others that can and should not be delegated to someone without professional experience/training.
    I also feel that the legislature making HB197 law would really be overstepping its responsibility.  One of the official State School Board’s main responsibilities is making sure public school teachers and administrators are properly qualified and trained for their positions, for the best good of the students in the system.
    As written, this law is not good for public education.  Please do not help it pass.
    I strongly oppose HB197.
            Fred Ash, Legislative Chair of the URSEA