From: Chad Shoop
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: HB 362
Date: Tue Mar 03 03:16:13 MST 2015

I do not agree with what transportation bill HB 362 is attempting to do. I am concerned that this is a sneaky way to get more money for mass transit when the public thinks that this increase if for road repair and construction. Most will never realize that almost half, .10%,  is going to mass transit.  If mass transit feels they need more money, they should go to voters and ask for an increase on their own merits.  In case you did not know, the tax payers in Cache Valley have turned down a tax increase for CVTD not once but twice since 2007. That makes it crystal clear as to what the tax payers in Cache County think about a tax increase for mass transit.

      UTA has had multiple audits in the last few years. Audits have found multiple issues at UTA ranging from sweet heart deals, excessive pay and massive debt among other things.

     Do we really need to provide more tax payer money to organizations like these that have shown time and time again that they are really not looking out for the best interest of the tax payer? Both of these organizations should not get any more tax payer dollars until they can re-gain the trust of the public.