From: Sherry Bishop
To: David Lifferth,
Date: Mon Mar 02 23:46:02 MST 2015

Every update / article that I read about what’s happening on the hill with Education legislation is appalling!!!


ARE  YOU AWARE THAT UTAH IS CURRENTLY RANKED 51st (YES!  We are even ranked behind the typically “branded” “hick education” states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.  We are even ranked below the territory of Puerto Rico!) in the amount of money that we put towards our children’s education.  Something that many of you don’t realize is that we are a total joke to those Air Force families that come through Utah on their 3-year blocks at Hill Air Force Base.


This is such an embarrassing irony… we are a FAMILY-CENTERED state who normally put CHILDREN FIRST.  As a very conservative, religious state—with not only a high percentage of Mormon/ LDS families—but also many Catholics, Presbyterians, and Baptists—it is unbelievable to me that Utah legislators are not more embarrassed by their behavior.


Do you also know that we are currently ranked 45th out of 50 states for teacher salary?  Just because the supply and demand system of economy justifies that you don’t need to up the raises or teachers here, (because you have so many conservative women who enter the profession), your want for a QUALITY EDUCATION for the children of this state, and even just your CONSCIENCE so that you can sleep at night…  (How DO you sleep at night anyway!) …. Should move you in the direction of funding education!


Even if you don’t personally have children or grandchildren of your own, THIS IS THE GENERATION that will be your doctors, nurses, and those changing your diapers when you are in a Care Center for the aged. 


My husband and I both teach school.  We have taught for over 2 decades.  We have taught in many states, as well.  So we are able to accurately compare how Utah is TOTALLY BEHIND in almost every conceivable educational


I think it is of upmost importance that you all get out of this state and go visit other schools in other states--  we may seem like we are improving here—but the USOE is really not very competent—and if you REALLY saw what was happening in other states with education, you’d want us to fund education and “get on the ball!”


You are out of touch.  Most Utahns have been surveyed and WANT a small increase in income tax if it would be used directly on the teachers’ salaries and on the students.  All of the new technology businesses that are coming here are benefitting from a wonderful group of future adults—educated by excellent teachers who deserve more compensation.  (Let them help with some of the funding—they DO RECEIVE A BENEFIT!!!)


Match the Governor’s suggestion… or go a step further and do BETTER.