To: aeparshall,
Subject: HB 407
Date: Wed Mar 04 20:25:16 MST 2015

My father was a scientific/technical motion picture photographer for the federal government, and I remember the many long distance drives we made as a family moving from one assignment to another, from the Atlas missel tests at Cape Canaveral to the Test Site at Nellis AFB, to tests at Dugway Proving Ground.  We always seemed to be on the road when I was a child.

I’m old enough to remember the endless clutter of billboards along American highways in the ’60s, and the relief it was when finally those billboards were pulled down.

Now I understand that business interests in Utah are thirsting to bring that ugly clutter of billboards back to litter Utah’s highways and scenic sites, through a proposed amendment to HB 407.


Believe me, we’ll still buy our fast food and fill up our gas tanks and stay at our motels whether billboards block our view of Utah’s magnificent scenery, or not.  Please spare us the soul-sucking ugliness this amendment would bring to Utah. Vote against Mike Noel’s amendment to HB 407.

Thank you.

Ardis E. Parshall
Salt Lake City